Training report - Monday 2018-12-17



A few more photos from yesterdays training session… Razzle one handed



Zlarke: He’s gonna shimmy!
Franga: He’s gonna Shake 'n Bake!!
Walla: He’s gonna double-step!!!


Blitzer in background: but he forgot the ball…


did we win?


I’m pretty sure that’s Dan Jordan


Yep, you’re correct.


In personality.


Geez Draper is looking a solid unit.

Could be a great Rookie draft. Him at 1 in 2016.


according to the EFC site they are the same height (203cm), but Sam’s 20 kg heavier at 105kg


One thing really noticeable is his leap/timing for hit outs.

That volleyball background helping for sure

Physically he looks ready to go. Just need him impacting around the ground more it seems which comes with experience.


I’d be happy for him to come in and not get torched around the ground, he’ll learn plenty from shadowing the top ruckman even if he’s doesn’t get too involved going our way. Frankly our defence, attack and transition should be able to stand up without a ruckman pulling big numbers (beyond hitouts).


Geez, look at old mate here yelling demands.


Orazio quietly turning a pre season liability into a new superpower for the season proper


Hurls & Jayden are like “wtaf, man…”


Hurls looks genuinely upset that Orazio can do with one hand what he struggles to do with two (dodgy wrists)


And looks every bit of it


I’ll preface this by saying that I haven’t witnessed one training session this pre season in person, more drawing a conclusion from the training reports posted here, so please feel free to chip in @Deckham @nackers and co. But does it seem our pre season has had less intensity about it?

Just re reading some of the reports, it seems a lot of the sessions have been performed at a modest tempo/intensity and our rehab/modified group has been larger than past pre seasons. It’s merely an observation at this point and I’m certainly not pushing any panic buttons in December but it seems in contrast to past pre seasons which have seen a lot of high intensity match simulation whereas this year has seen a limited of those sessions. With the AFLPA mandated longer end of season & Christmas breaks, I actually half expected to see some more high intensity stuff prior to the break.

You could argue it hasn’t served us well the past few years with sluggish starts etc but it’ll be interesting to see the type of training we’re doing post Christmas. I’ve seen a few sessions at Waverley with a mate of mine and their sessions have been very high intensity and Clarko pushes them pretty hard for the whole session.

I know Bomber was not an advocate for doing too much prior to Christmas and gave his senior players extended breaks to keep them fresh and hit them hard from January onwards. That clearly worked for Geelong in that period and Lyon was a renowned hard taskmaster who also got great results. I wonder if it’s a deliberate change of approach or whether I’m putting 2 & 2 together and coming up with 5. An interesting block of training ahead IMO.


The response would be interesting. I really haven’t taken that message from the training reports at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

Although I do think the way we handled Kelly over his off-season where he didn’t train much but was refreshed heading in to the season, may be modifying our view of how beneficial a break is. Certainly some of the players are being rested more than I would have expected in previous seasons. But I don’t think this can be seen as intending to train at a lower intensity as a philosophy.