Training report - Monday 2018-12-17


In a way, @Mr_Sunbury_1 you are correct, in that there haven’t been quite as many full-field match simulation training this pre-season as may have been in a few others. There could be a combination of reasons for this, but based on what I’ve observed, it seems that the focus pre-Christmas was to hard-wire certain drills and correct specific issues. There have been a number of unique and certainly different drills I’ve witnessed this pre-season to date - particularly involving Rutten.

Things like transitions out of defence, and using body weight/momentum in tackles. I believe there are a few aspects to our game we are trying to dial in before moving into the ‘complete picture’ of full match sims, which will certainly come. The stand-alone drills have certainly not been lacking in intensity.


From what has been reported by yourself and others is definitely stand alone drills have been the prolific intensity training aspects.
Sometimes you hear and see things that ring alarm bells (Adelaide last year) but I haven’t picked up on that.
The only change and it’s been consistent is the responsibility to the future. No one seems to be doing more than they should, a slow burn approach to those that are injured and or young.
Other things I’ve heard both internal and external from this site is that players have been doing there own sessions and that closed door learnings has increased. The groups mentality has dramatically changed; becoming more mature, hungry for success and real belief that they can achieve it.


Maybe the coaches have the players inside doing drills rather than outside in full view of open eyes.


Toey as a Roman sandle.




o.k. my mistake put my glasses back on. couches are not coaches.


Preseason, only 6 weeks left to hone the team into a unit. ( make it jel/gel)
Players come back 14/1/2019, play JLT1 on 28/2/2019.

Hopefully we will see some matchsims early on. Last year we were quite underwhelming in the JLT series and we probably need to take them a bit more seriously in 2019. The win against Adelaide in Round 1 was definitely a false dawn and might have contributed to a relaxed attitude in the subsequent 5-6 rounds?.

JLT is not just a training exercise, ( look at the way Richmond took us apart) but must be a hot warm up to hit the ground with a full head of steam for the 2019 campaign.


100% agree


Freo smashed west coast by 62 in the JLT


Majority of teams do not care about JLT1 and only get their full squads into the games by JLT3 at times

Managing loads and getting players cherry ripe for round 1 where 4pts on line all that matters

Crowe mentioned last year that players kept out of JLT games because they were able to get greater fitness workload into them just at training whilst also avoiding injuries.


That’s conventional wisdom. We have been doing this for years. Did that strategy work for us last year ?
Were we ready to play in the first 8 rounds?

An example of a team that we beat twice in the H&A season, but finished with a flag seemed to have made that strategy work.

We cannot afford a slow start. Another form of wisdom is to “bank” wins in the first half of the season.
Then manage loads after the bye, leading up to peak again by round 23. To do that requires a much more aggressive attitude at the start of the season, rather than “its a long season, lets pace oursel;ves” and end up pacing ourselves for 12th.


We may actually be in a adequate position this year to “rest players” in the later half of the season (if we have wins on the board), given our increased depth and adequate replacements.
I wanted us to rest Goddard last year when he was in poor form and we had interstate trips etc.

I.e Rest Belly and bring in Draper
Forward - Stewart if he is in Ressies could come in and play a role.
& Mosquito if we need a small forward

Mids - have choice to play Stringer or others more time in midfield like parish, McGrath, Laverde
or even Bring in Clarke as a tagger

Defender - Zerk, Hartley, then Redman, Ridley
Very annoyed Redman got injured wanted to pencil him in the round 1 side.

These guys need games and if the team is playing well, we may not miss someone as much.
That said we will probably also have injuries which creates opportunities.


I don’t think i agree with this. Last year Carlton, Freo & the Suns won both their JLT games and how did it work out for them?

If anything the matches should just be used for a bit of competitive fine tuning of what was worked on during the pre-season. I’d rather the boys save their bodies for when there are 4 points on the line. Don’t want another Marty Gleeson 12 month + injury happening in what should essentially be a training match.


There was a significant amount of factors going on that caused our slow start.

That won’t happen again.

The team has gelled, they all bought into defensive side, as such found our game style that stands up against the best sides, we’ve found a way to best make our midfield rotations work.

I’ll back the coaches/fitness staff to have the players prepared in the right way for season proper over firing for JLT1


When Marty was injured, it was just bad luck which could have happened on the training track. Same with Fridge.
OK, we dont want players taking themselves out blowing away their hammies trying to save goals, or backing into massive packs or going for speccies like its a grand final.


I hope so Speedy but if the reports we have heard are true, there will be significant differences to the way we play contested footy, based on Ruttens input. I suspect he will be wanting to see these changes put into action up to and including the JLT. It will be interesting to see to what extent we play a bruise free JLT.


I get your point. But i just think players are far more likely to ping a hammy etc when they are giving 110%. I’d rather it be save for real game time.

People have very split opinions on these JLT games. I just fall in the camp that doesn’t care about them. The Marty Gleeson thing broke my heart. But you’re right, it was a freak accident. Does happen a little too often though. Setterfield in the Sydney practice match? There’s a lot of examples.


Don’t really care about results per se.

But we need to be up and going by the last game of pre-season.


I’m leaving the country so I can ignore the AFLsuX and BLT games. See you at GWS in round one.


I’m not sure it’s any drastic change from Rutten.

We already had that which is why it took time for the team to get it. For a period there once it all came together last year we were the number 1 pressure side in the comp.

Rutten will just be adding to that IMO

We shall soon see.