Training report - Thursday 11 March 2021

Yes, they’re training.

It’s all “micro” stuff. Small groups, specific drills, one on one vocals.

I’m really only here to try out a lens before the VFL season gets started. Lots of state secrets that I can’t divulge.


The next frame is Hep getting tackled before the ball hits his boot.


I laughed too much at that


Anyone know where the 2’s scratch match will be tomorrow?

I hate to tell you this, but you’ve already posted a photo of an Essendon player wearing a hat.


Hepp has some ink now? I like it

I thought we were all just looking at the golden-haired child.


I think it’s at the Hanger v Richmond?


I’m not sure how you arrive at the decision to get a tattoo of a stick figure doing freestyle and the robot maid from the Jestons but he’s the captain so who am I to argue?




Umm. So Perkins. Looks casual/bored/half interested/ something. Then he ambles in off three steps and bombs a goal from 50. Then he hits the afterburners across half forward to mark a ball I didn’t think he’d get too. Drills that from 50. Then a ground ball pickup and snap across the body off one step from where he kicked the last one. Goal. Then he’s ambling again and chatting to Mcgrath.

I may be completely wrong, this is literally from 150 meters away. But this kid looks like training is a mere inconvenience and he’s just waiting for matchday. Looks fit , though, clearly been working hard and has some power. I’m just not sure repetitive drills are his favourite thing, lol.

Edit:. I’ve been trying to think of how best to verbalize and convey the impression I have of Archie. It’s certainly not lazy, or workrate. It’s in his demeanour, there’s a projection of outward nonchalance and yet also impatience. Those two may seem strange bedfellows but that’s the feel I get from him. He’s intense, confident and powerful in the moment, and a studied cool cat away from it, perhaps.


I lolled

Do you have a sense for any of the guys who’ll turn out in the VFL practice match tomorrow, being that today would represent their captains run?

Reid will be playing tomorrow.

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Made for a packed MCG

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I love the fact that he’s completely unconventional for a top draft pick. You expect to see a McGrath type kid who’s super enthusiastic and is all about positive body languages do doing everything right.

Perkins body language is going to really annoy a lot of supporters throughout his career, and tbh it’s about time we see some arrogance strutting around in red & black. Especially when he’s got the talent to back it up.




Not as annoying as joe sitting on the fence


Like Daniher?


Yeah I’ve noticed his body language isn’t great.

I’m sure they will pull him into line if required.

Last week they had photos of the captains run and he look disgruntled. I thought to myself: I bet he’s going to get barely any game time and he’s not happy about it.

Proved to be correct

I was thinking Martin, Swan or Akamanis