Training report Thursday 19 April

Continuing the discussion from #21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell:


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@Riolio I can’t split posts to a new thread on mobile…

I only stayed for 30 min so this is probably the most interesting things that I noticed…

  • Hep training on second oval with Dea. Didnt seem restricted but mainly straight line running before lap work
  • Dea coming along nicely
  • Zaharakis did not train (was on the physio table when i walked past)
  • Fantasia also did not train with the main group. Came out late wearing runners and went to the second oval with a trainer and started running straight lines (very slowly)
  • Francis full training with the main group :slight_smile:

Channel 10 was there (along with a photographer) so interesting what tonight’s report will say as the reporter was interested in Heppell training away with Dea.


I got you fam

Quoting instead…

Should we panic/crack each other’s heads open to feast on the goo within?


I have plenty of goo you can feast on but you might not like it.

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Oh and James Stewart trained strongly… No sign of that ankle injury.


good to hear


I’d expect a bit of light duties this week, they’ll be managing the f##k out of loads for the next 3 weeks.

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Unless I missed them, we haven’t had a training report thread for a while.

we trained.

the end.

begley unsighted.


I did a twitter and there is now this from Zaharakis

part 2

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Did we train the way we want to train ?

Did we train like a great team?