Training report Thursday 5th April

Stopped in for some of the session today.
Some good things:
*Ridley playing on Hooker and outmarking him in a contest. Ridley took front position and even though Hooker was right on him, Ridley elevated and took a great aerial mark.
*Francis was back in match simulation and did some nice things. One time he did something I have seen him do before - take the ball and almost in the same action while in mid-air fire out the handball. Looked ready to play VFL. His opponents included Begley and Stewart.
*Fantasia moved really well, his speed is elite. He looks faster than anyone else out there though I’m sure a few others like McKenna might disagree.
*Myers trained with the main group and did match sim. Looks ready.
*Colyer did running on the second oval and was pretty much at full pace at times. Looks like he will be playing soon.

Some not so good things:
*Daniher did a light session, there has been some speculation about his knee. I get the feeling that might be right.
*Smith and Hurley both did little, the former a little more.
*I pulled my calf and won’t even bother with a fitness test. I’m very unlikely to play this weekend. If the club says it’s “just sore” they are wrong - I think I have a 5 week calf.


it’s the 5th.
Thanks for the report. What does the last sentence mean?


I think its a joke fellas


Thanks bud

It is a joke that is true. :confused:

Jokes about injuries always go down a treat on Blitz

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some do


Sorry to hear about your calf begbie but the truth is as long as you don’t go soft on us and can make it to the next training and provide a similarly insightful report we probably don’t care that much.


Langford be all like :expressionless:

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Haha thanks stir-fried. The physio said I can still watch drills, just not take part in them.

Apologies for the ordinary attempt at humour. A high bar has been set of late with gags carefully worked into training reports. I think I’ll just stick to the facts next time!

Thanks Begbie. You got the scoop. Deckhams report is currently being prepared , maybe you can syndicate yours to him.


Begbie > Deckham IMO

Question…what does a guy do when he has a day off.
Spend it with the kids (school holidays). Nope.
Catch up on some much needed gardening? Nope.
He goes and watches the boys train. Good choice I say!
Although I don’t get to see them train that often, I focused more on the banter between the players than the actual drills.
They all seemed up and lively.
Lots of good humour.
But some insights…
Stewart is huge and runs with speed and intent. Also one on the better shots at goal during the final one on one ‘snap at goal’ drill.
Walla on the other hand was missing by a mile and seemed to be labouring a bit.
Fantasia will play based on what I saw. Ran rings around the guys.
Green was also kicking goals from all angles.
Hartley seems to be a real joker and liked by all. One of the best kicks I’ve seem. Shame he doesn’t get his hands on it often enough to utilise it. He and Bags stuck around for goal kicking practice and showed some skill.
Myers also hung around for some goal kicking practice. He was asked by one of the trainers if he felt ready to play and answered “yes”.
When asked seniors of reserves, he said “no idea”.
Didn’t really see much more. Merret moved freely.
Skippy was doing a bit of one on one with Springer.
Showing him how he needs to chase down a rolling ball bent over and with two hands covering the space the ball can bounce into.
Basic but obviously something they’d feel he needs to work on as he wasn’t all that clean at.
And in closing …Francis was doing heaps of running. Lots of coming out of the square to meet the ball, generally punching it away and then sprinting back to the square and then straight back out for a repeat. Was out there after everyone came back in.
At a guess, I don’t think he he far off a return to the field.
Now…back to the gardening.