Training Sat 4th Feb of some year after 2022

I’m not there but @CJohns has posted some updates already:




Voss and Redman for dual co-captains.


Some of the ball use in these drills coming out of defence and kicking inside 50 I found to be quite poor.

Not many kicks inside 50 hit their targets and were turned over. The skills overall were quite average


From what I could tell some of the drills aren’t to hit up a lead and more to 30m from the square.
It doesn’t matter who is there, they just have to bring the ball to ground for our small forwards.

The only time they train to kick to a lead is when the forwards screen for each other to free up the lead or cause the opposition defenders to react. That was a separate training session.

Kicking under pressure is different to kicking in training.


Jones looks a lot bigger to me. Makes Ridley look dimunitive- towering over him. How tall must he be now?


That Jones/Ridley contest looks about 25% intensity to me, so will temper my expectations somewhat


Good to hear the teams lack of polish is being exposed and more importantly that they are actually working on it.


Was that Mass who delivered the lovely left foot pass?


Merrett captain vocal like??

I saw he introduced the Wright and Maddy banner in the Hnager for the BnF… surely that’s a sign he’s going to be captain


J. Davey inj

Is he injured again? He’s been running laps in other sessions. Please don’t tell me he’s had a setback.

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Appreciate the updates @CJohns


Not just coming back from injury. Not a new one


Any news on Stringer’s back soreness?

Ridley with a dash of pace, and foot targets being hit in that clip. Too small a sample to draw any conclusions. Thanks for the vision.

I reckon he will be

Asked him at training and he said he will be fine. Played it down


Training Report:

This wont be that long as i am out and about. Was a 2 1/2 hour session. Good intensity throughout. One of the more pleasing aspects this pre-season is the consistency of effort with every session. Much more than previous years. Scott wont let them drop off intensity which should hopefully lead to some consistency of effort. We will see

4 umpires today which made me think it will be a full match practice but it ended up being match simulation style lengthy drills. There was so many different scenarios that players had to quickly adjust too and play at intensity. You may have one time where Gia says its a kick out after behind drill…play for 4 mins and he quickly takes the ball to a wing a throws it in… players had to be switched on with how they are positioned. He would then run to a pocket and throw it in. This was happening for like 45 mins.

The last 40 mins was a real eye opening drill that i thought was brilliant. All Players had to start from bench interchange position. They had to get to their position on the ground within 10 seconds. Gia counted down. The ball was suddenly then live and it was game on. If a bad turnover or ball movement was too slow/stop in play…players had to all bolt to the bench and then its repeat run to position within 10 seconds. It was taxing to say the least. Several key elements taught… coming on from the bench switched on and into position/structure quickly…working through fatigue to still make correct decisions and playing the style Scott wants at longer periods.

As far as players that stood out. For me Jones was the real pleasing sight. Saw him get separation on Kelly through running and then beat Rids one on one. Rids just missed the flight of the ball but Jones looked very good. He then out marked Montgomerie to kick his third. His running and constant movement was the positive.

Merrett was really sharp today. He looks fit and up and about. Was a lot more vocal today. Hobbs had a really good period when there was a moment of light rain. It was like he embraced it and said this is my weather. Played very hard today. He put his head down and in one play got hit very hard in the head. Thought he might be in a bit of trouble but got the all clear and came back on 20 mins later. Setterfield was again solid. Parish started to get his hands dirty and look more like the Darcy i know.

Was a fair amount of wind so kicking at times was scrappy. Skills no doubt need some improving moving the ball forward. I am happy saying that with the players intensity and desire to get better. It is genuine how hard they are working.

Big day coming Wednesday with first internal practice match.

Langford i suspect is still not quite right. He played in 3/4 of the drills but came out and just didnt look quite right. Hope its nothing


I like this drill as it suggests they are being serious about setting standards and expectations and accountability.