Training Saturday 19th Feb 2022

A light session today.

The main focus was kicking the ball through the zone while the players in the zone also had to be in the right position. The coaches were very instructional in this drill. Again focus was short kicking, not a lot of handballs to break the zone. Following this was a bit of goals kicking from different angles. Wright and Smith had a comp between them kicking right foot snaps. Both were very good, it took Smith to miss his 7th shot for big 2MP to claim victory.

Injury and Rehab update:

I can report that the groin injury to Stewart was fake news. He completed the whole session and looked fine. No issues there.

Jones and Eyre both completed the full Session and moving well.

Voss and Baldwin were on the rehab oval doing some running. Any issues there seem minor.

Langford completed the whole session, I would be surprised if he didn’t play vs the dogs.

Shiel, Durham and Kelly all did 90% of the session. If don’t play this week, they will be right for the Saints.

Phillips, Bryan and Stringer didn’t train.

I didn’t see Walla.

Hurley and Reid did a big running session yesterday I was told.

Overall it was a light session and most of the list looks healthy.


What is the issue with Durham ?

Thanks for report. Sounds like the injury list is looking up, or down, whichever way you want to look at it.


Thanks for the report ASB.

No Fejo or Clarke? I note the club hasn’t confirmed this news yet.

Thanks for the report.

Very positive on the injury front.

Correct. Only Tex and Martin were out there


Thanks ASB :+1:

Thanks from me too. Am also interested to know what the issue is with Durham.

Do they both look bigger??

Or are they still twigs??

As usual many thanks to anyone who provides a training report. Really appreciated.

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Eyre looks the same size as jones now. Both bigger from last year but not monsters yet.


Maybe be an elbow but looks right to go now

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lol at anyone who believed the red sash

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So i am most curious as to the Stewart Injury story. Who was it who claimed he had a groin injury?

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The bloke is full of more â– â– â– â–  than Werribee sewage farm


Wrapped that Shiel did most of training. I wouldn’t though risk against doggies. Maybe a half against Saints


Too many reds with his good mate Sheeds.


Stewart had a “groin strain” ( OP) historically, for about 18 months until the end of 2020. (It was sorted at about the same time as Danihers, after consulting an Irish specialist. pretty much.)
So recurrence, soreness? twinge.?

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I just want Reid fit ASAP so he can challenge stewart for that 3rd tall defender spot


Did Cian McBride train?