Training, sort of, Friday 4th Sept

Weather: fine, light cloud, breeze from the north east & a very pleasant 24 degrees.

First of all I’ll apologise before I start for the brevity and inconclusiveness of observations today. I arrived at 11am and found out later that it started about 10:30 and subsequently finished about 11.30 - so a very light run.
On arrival the players were just breaking into 2 teams to play a very short game simulation- a number of trainers & staff made up numbers in the yellow team. They seemed to be working on keeping it in our forward line.

The red team looked like match day team & consisted of Forwards: Walla, Mozzie, Stringer, Hooksey, Stewart, Phillips (maybe covering for Joe?? who was there but didn’t do much that I saw).

Mids were Parish, Snelling, Langford, Draper, Merrett,Shiel, Hibberd & Guelfi on the wing.

Backs : Hepp, Gleeson, Hurley, Saad, BZT (did not see Ridley but they were at the far end so ??)

I was told Conor trained yesterday as well as Francis. Am guessing there were others also but the trainer I asked was busy so it was a short chat. Make of that what you will!

Laverde played with the yellow team & looked really good. He ran at speed and did running patterns with lots of change of direction. He also was kicking well & did extra work at the end. Hepp congratulated him on his movement & kicking.

Snelling, Langford, Parish, Hepp & Hibberd did some extra clearance work at the end.

Cahill ran laps on the B oval with Hird, Johnson & Ambrose.

Zakka walked the boundary chatting. Fantasia was there but didn’t seem to do anything. Hird, Ambrose & Johnson also rode the exercise bike.

Goal kicking practise at the end by Walla, Shiel, Snelling & a few others.

Boys headed off on the mini bus back to Twin Waters where I can assure you there are no strip clubs.




Francis training on separate days to Phillips?



Bring LAV in to replace McGrath in the Middle. Smash some cat carnts.

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You do NOT simply play LAV versus Geelong.



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what has happened to ze scratch matches?


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On the fence?


Mitch Hibberd, Brayden Ham, Tom Cutler and Kobe Mutch loom as possible replacements for gun midfielder Andrew McGrath, who will miss the rest of the season with a syndesmosis injury

None of those are any where near “like for like”, its not a case of one soldier goes down, another takes his place.

23 disposals, 5 clearances , 9.5 contested. Would need to select 2 out of those players to replace him.

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I assumed it meant all of them at once to replace McGrath.


Well if you took Hibbereds size,Hams running capacity,Mutchs courage,and Tom Cutlers long kicking.

We’d have a player.


Still need a bit more.

I must admit I didn’t really notice him much - don’t think he was in the short match sim & afterwards was all a bit ad hoc.

Looked like Hibberd. Guess they reckon he’s the biggest of that bunch.

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Why not try Townsend in the middle? at least he’ll crash and bash to get the ball out


Because he’s rubbish?


He’s rubbish because he doesn’t rack up 30 disposals and 3 goals every week? couldn’t care if he gets fck all of the ball more than happy for him to just bury blokes like Danger,Duncan etc at the stoppages


I wouldn’t mind seeing Townsend in the middle. We’ve seen Hibberd & it was not wonderful.

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We have nothing to lose really

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