Training summary 22/01 (sadly no pics)

Made the trip out despite the wet weather and it appeared to be a solid session.

The main focus was a full match practice in which Kelly, Cooney were amongst the ones to miss.

So much so that umpires boss Wayne Campbell was in attendance, watching the 2 umpires of it, including Shane McInerney.

The highlights from that match:

Parish. Up close he’s incredibly good.
Joey’s goalkicking looks much improved, including a long bomb from CHF.
TIPPA, despite playing in the backline, managed a clever goal at the other end.
Gach’s ruckwork in excellent…that kid can leap.

The key things for me were the levels of voice and the air of confidence. The vocals were encouraging and loud. And there doesn’t appear to be any dropped heads.

Dropped heads.

12 players 0 disposals.

But otherwise lid off!

Dropped heads.


Thanks for the report Pazza

RIP Kelly

Well done, Pazza

RIP Kelly

“Didn’t get a full preseason”

No Simpkin, Dea??

No Simpkin, Dea??

Apparently both were there but, I couldn’t identify them.

Who’s Kelly?

Not Kelly Le Brock?

Who's Kelly?

Not Kelly Le Brock?

Lady in Red…and Black.

Who did Crowley tag?

Has cooney even completed a full session yet?

Thanks for the report.

Who's Kelly?

Not Kelly Le Brock?

Ned. The one with the metal helmet!

Also headed down to the TVS today… Ill have a crack at giving a review (wont be as good as the veterans on here)…

Thoughts on the practice game as a whole was that the standard was understandably poor. There were almost a dozen VFL players making up the numbers and that coupled with the slick conditions reduced the standard imo. A lot of missed targets and poor skills in tight.
Obviously I think having Cooney, Kelly, Bird Simpkin, Polkinghorn who all trained separately will improve the squad.

Some individual observations.

Zach M: Bossed the game, had the ball on a string. Quick decision making, clean hands, penetrating kicks in the wet. All class.

Fantasia: Really stood out with his pace and agility from the wing. Took the game on each time he got the ball and was very positive. The ease in which he was evading tackles and running past players was pretty exciting tbh. I expect him to have an impact this year from what i’ve heard and now seen today.

Yeades: Was involved a lot of play as a half forward, his speed and endurance stood out as he was able to get to a lot of contests. Had an interesting piece of play where he handballed it over his opponent (ambrose), then skipped past another defender and had a shot at goal. Impressive. Needs to improve his final kick.

BJ: His seniority, skills and decision making stood out imo. Along with Zach M the best performer. Was played through the midfield and half back.

Tippa: Did some nice things i.e. intelligent kicks out of defence however was also beaten by his direct opponent a couple of times. Was okay.

Parish: Also did some nice things with clean disposal but was quiet, i dont think the wet suits his games style at this stage.

Francis: Was almost anonymous. Played in the backline as a third tall and didn’t get a kick.

Laverde: Also very quiet. Had one piece of play in the pocket when he shrugged off Tippa which was nice, just couldn’t find the pill.

Zaka: Relatively quiet for the role we need him to play this year. Got some clearances and did some nice things but also went missing for long periods.

Langford: Played on ball, had a few touches with some nice kicks but also turned it over a few times as well. I think he is looking good but we should be patient. He has got a bit of toe which i didnt really notice previously.

Brown: Played CHF/FF, very tough conditions, couldn’t really get a hold of it despite sometimes running to the right spots. I will reserve judgement.

Smack: Liked the look of him, played forward and in the ruck and won most of his contests. Plays angry.

Hartley: Looked comfortable at FB. Played on Brown a lot and took the points. He is also very fit, was keeping up with Paddy Ambrose in the post match time trail runs.

Coghlan (spelling): Thought i’d give him a mention. Conditions suited him, he is a tough player with good skills i think he did well today and would love to see him jag a spot on the list.

Kommer/Mckenna: Both had a real crack. Skills not the best but they were training fully with 100% effort and was good to see them involved.

As good as any DS. Cheers

So, Dean Solomon, will Ambrose make the transition to defender? Putting him on Yeades would be a bit of a joke. Like putting a Mack truck up against a dodgem car.

So, Dean Solomon, will Ambrose make the transition to defender? Putting him on Yeades would be a bit of a joke. Like putting a Mack truck up against a dodgem car.

granted the below opinion will be based on no info from this preseason, just going by how he has moved the last couple of seasons, i’d say he shouldn’t be played anywhere near the backline.

I love the way he approaches the game, obviously still needs to work on his game alot, but IMO he’d get torn to shreds in the backline.

If he was ever going to be tried as a tagger/enforcer in the midfield, I think this year is it. His fitness seems to be his biggest asset, best to try him in the position that ultilises that the most, esp seeing the handicap of this year.