Training thread - Wed 10 July 2024

Has anyone checked on @bombercos . The last I heard, he was locked in a toilet looking for a free mature sauce, while exclaiming “■■■■ me”.

I just hope he wasn’t in ‘The Blue Oyster Bar’.

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Well it would appear I have been somewhat outed from my self imposed oblivion of recent times.

While I would love to produce a long detailed report of todays training, I don’t have a lot to add. Firstly I got a late invite to todays players sponsor BBQ (thanks again to those involved), I subsequently left home with about 5 minutes notice and wasn’t even aware there was a training session today so didn’t take my binoculars, and I’m a bit lost without them.
Secondly as DJR mentioned earlier, I don’t think there is a lot to report on mid season. Generally training as you would expect is relatively non contact. Even If you notice a problem with a player injury wise you don’t want to report it as the club may want to keep it quiet. And pre season there are always new players to report about, different drills, potential positional and game plan changes, and fitness levels compared to previous years etc.
Once the season has started there really isn’t as much of these to report on, as a lot of it is evident on game day.

Having said that a couple of things from today. One was the turnout. I suppose it was due to school holidays and the increased optimism from our supporters, but I can’t recall a larger attendance at training except going deep into finals, and I’m sure no one wants to be reminded again how long ago that would be.

The only real thing I had a look at today in between the chat with Harvey and the copious helpings of tasty hamburgers was the goalkicking practice.
And I must say generally speaking it was quite poor.
Jones, Draper and Caddy hardly kicked one between the 3 of them, although in fairness most were from tight angles, Alwyn Davey was probably running at 50 percent along with Duursma, while Langford and Cox were very good, Cox kicking almost exclusively off his left foot.

Regarding Drapers kicking I get the impression he is trying too hard to be technically correct, running in and kicking in as straight a line as possible. Coming from a soccer background where you predominantly kick across your body, I think he could well be better off trying to kick around the corner a little more, not to the extent of a Gryan Miers, but certainly with some sort of an arc. When ever he has to kick a checkside or a snap his action to me looks a lot more natural. At the moment I think he is trying to be something he’s not.
That’s about all I have from today although I guess I had better put on the record some of the ‘big statements’ mentioned by @theDJR in another post, not surprisingly I think the lid off thread would be a more appropriate place.


More spectators there than the combined GWS & Norf games last week.


Worst training thread ever.

At least wheelie bin reportedly got the treatment they deserved after all these years.


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Good editors should never reveal their sauce :wink:


Next time I get to training, we must Ketchup.




Tautological edit…

I love BBQ sauce; my family thinks it’s weird.

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This thread is making me think of HP BBQ Sauce on lamb chops


Some red OR black jumpers in front of the @Catherine_Lio Memorial Grandstand:



Langford towelled up caddy in the goal kicking, but hope that improves for Caddy as he works on it.

Thanks for the report @nackers


Good to see he has improved then.


Duursma in a red top

Out: Duursma
In: Heppell

Waiting sir…