Training Thursday 10/12/20

Training this morning in cool windy conditions, but luckily the early morning rain had passed.

Training started early this morning, it was in full swing by 9.15 before any of us arrived and finished around 11.00.

Out on the track today were:
McGrath, Draper, Parish, Langford,Francis, Cutler, Ridley, Hurley, Jones, Bryan, Cahill, Ambrose, Ham, Guelfi, Johnson, Snelling, Tippa, Hird, Caldwell and Wright.

Zerk was in his gear and looked like he had done some work inside, while Hurley and Tippa only ran laps.

Mossie was again looking on from the sidelines.

It was great to catch up with @cjohns againand we talked everything from the draft to the future direction of our game style with our new abundance of talls.

One thing we all commented on was the body shape of a lot of the players. It was mentioned last year that it would take a year or 2 for the new methods of Sean Murphy to take effect, and almost without exception the players look bigger and stronger in the upper body and chest but if anything slimmer around the waist, in the build of the classical modern day player. Hurley in particular looks in about the best shape I have seen him.

It was our first chance to see Wright today and he looks like a real physical speciman, a great build, moves really well and has a beautiful kick. He was matched up for a while in one on one marking contests with Ridley. Ridley managed to get good spoils in on most occasions, I’m not sure if the is a reflection on Wright or Ridley, but if he can live upto his early promise Wright could be a great addition.

It was mentioned that a number of players including, Wright, Laverde and hooker have been doing boxing training during the break, and they all certainly look the better for it.

Training was a bit more physical today with some tackling both in specific drills and and during ball movement. Still really working into the pre season and again mostly medium length drills.

Hopefully we will be able to get our first look at the new draftees on Monday.


I don’t think I’d make it through the off season if I didn’t have nackers.


Reid said in a video on the socials that Monday is Day 1 so they’ll be paraded around in some way at least. Doubt they’ll do much if any training.

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Thanks Nackers, love your work.

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Does Zerk look like he has put on any size?

Love your work @nackers.

this kind of thing is said every pre season, throughout every club to be fair

I dont reckon they would have made any significant changes in 10 weeks during their break. its their diwn time. they will put in the work now they are back

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The players have a strength and conditioning program to follow over their break.

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Thanks @nackers - always appreciated. Great to hear that the boys are looking bigger in the upper body. They often look smaller than the opposition but with bigger (& taller) bodies out there we should at least be looking better!
Also great to see some of the senior guys back early.

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At the very least you would have a higher pitched voice!


Yes like the others he looks much bigger in the upper body, but also a bit heavier overall.
A very big year coming up for him, he will have probably the most pressure of anyone for a place n the side with the new draftees.


While there is some truth to that and players often slim down a bit as the pre season progresses and the do more work, as a whole I think it’s the biggest change on body shape for the better that I can recall.


in before we self-report


What about nickers

Stop giving us hope Nackers

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I always felt there was something missing in my life until that special day when I discovered nackers.


This is the first time I’ve read @nackers training report, and what a ripper.
I just wish half the overpaid flogs working in the media & for the AFL were as knowing, detailed & descriptive.
Well done & won’t miss your reports again.


I will give my short view on training. Before i start though a big thanks to Nackers bringing a 2nd pair of binoculars.

Was very windy today and was quite comical a goal kicking challenge today. Players almost had to start the kick 20m to the left of goals and hope. Ridley to no surprise was the most successful.

Players were joking around a bit with Giansiracusa which was nice to see.

Pretty straight forward drills today and they came out early so i missed about 45 mins. Good to see Walla out there doing laps and looked fine. No doubt the boys are in good condition. Hurley took me by surprise on how good he looked… much stronger in the upper body… he obviously felt he got beat a bit too much with one on one’s this year

Everytime i see Harrison Jones i just smile. So smooth moving. As Truck says… excited to see what he can do this year.

Its been discussed a lot more but it’s so good to see Pidge, Langers and Ridey becoming clear leaders with the younger group. Leadership has been a void but it genuinely feels like a group is coming through focused and driven


Was Walla lean?

He will never be as lean as people maybe hope but his body is simply not that shape to be blunt. He would be the same as this time last year. Never felt he doesn’t run out games fine


I would be interested to know if Wright has lost weight…
he seemed to have put on a lot of bulk the last 2 years at Gold Coast, which made him a lot less agile.

Good to hear he looks good tho.