Training Thursday 12/12/19

A morose and sombre requiem played on the radio as I drove to training this morning. The industrial environment, together with a morning dull and gloomy with billowing grey clouds and a chilling stiff breeze lent an almost Dickensian atmosphere. My heart weighed heavy as I strode across the second oval towards training. My mood may have been due to the morning conditions, or due to @nackers last report, I am not sure.

However – as the boys ran out, there were cheers, jeers and catcalls and the vibe was generally buoyant, rapidly washing away the cloying sensation of foreboding.

And who should quickly join up with me, but @nackers and @jackie_mihocek. ‘Great’, I thought. ‘This will be fun.’

And it was, really. I spent most of the time chatting to nacker’s binoculars instead of eagle-eying the players so this report will be sparse, and added to by the others, I’m sure.

A bit of a crowd gathered to this advertised session, though parking was not available with the lot taken up by the now usual tradie utes.

Despite the weather, Gleeson had a vivid streak of zinc over his nose – you can never be too careful. He trained well, and continues to be one of my favourites. From the very first warm-up run, Snelling seems to be first at everything – eager, energetic, positive – we may have more here than some think.

TBell and Mozzie were both out training and in good spirits. TBell looked fresh and active – less like 2018, and more like 2019.

The boys spent most of the time in a light match-sim – maybe at 70%, which is a step up from previous sims this pre-season. Hibberd, Parish, BeZerk, Smith, Begley, Townsend and Laverde all featured prominently.

Gown emerged from the hanger on crutches, and Heppell did a bit of cycling. Redman made a quick cameo.

It was great to see Stewart come out towards the end and ruin a series of straight laps. He’s a big boy, and I wonder if he could make a decent full-back in light of our current team composition.

Mozzie and Stringer had their turn of being filmed taking set shots - I’m sure many here will be pleased to hear that this seems to be a regular and methodical thing, and hopefully, be part of goal-kicking coaching.

Shiel spent quite a while practising set-shots.

The 2nd oval was used by Fanta, Shiel, Gleeson later on and Draper.


Thanks decks

No sign of joe? Is Merrett and zaka still in the rehab group?

Edit - What are your thoughts on the three mature guys. Townsend, hibberd and cutler. Do any look like they could make an immediate impact?

Thanks Deckham, sounds like a better vibe than the last nackers report.

Shame to hear about Gown. from what ive read on here hes been looking good.

According to one intrepid trainer, Joey was apparently “probably inside”
Cutler looks … as solemn as ever. ■■■■, he’s a dour guy. Haven’t made up my mind about him yet.
Townsend looks agressive as hell. I’m not sure what he’ll do exactly, but whatever it is, it will be with feeling.
Hibberd is a beast-man. Not the best kick, but goes in hard, tackles well, and the boys reckon he’ll make best 22 next year. I’m not sure yet.


Did he go on a tangent?


Is he carrying something from that earlier training session when he pointed to his “abdominals”?

Outstanding report.
I do love when it takes a literary turn.


Didn’t he want a return to Melbourne because his dad was ill?

Hope all is ok.


agree - a most entertaining opening paragraph that continued through the report.


I too think we should try Stewart as a defender

Can use his big frame to wrestle forwards is also quick so he be able to spoil.

We need tall forwards more than tall defenders right now though


Attributes that would make him a good forward option as he’s supposed to be. We don’t need him back

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Maybe when Hurley retires



This is spectacular


He was doing his best Ministry of Silly Walks impressions.


More than happy to have him forward

Notice there has been a strong focus on this, with recruitment. Snelling, Hibberd, Townsend… and Smith coming back from injury.

I think Rutten has instructed the recruitment department to get some blokes that love to pressure, close down and tackle the ball carrier.

IMO it’s the simplest aspect of the game to improve upon, with the greatest gain. It takes no skill, and is simply mindset… but has been the lynchpin of Richmond winning 2 premierships.


It’s a good way to create errors by the opposition and makes them think about rushing their disposal to avoid the tackle.

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Cahill fits that description also.

We had a lengthy chat about this today. I’m of a similar opinion, that over the last while, we have been bringing in a few pretty hard-at-it fellows.