Training - Thursday 16/01/2020

The morning was quite cool, a bit wet and smokey - like my…leftover brisket.
Blue ■■■■ scurried over the lush turf, hunting for sweet sweet morsels, as the scar of a construction site continued to spread like an ugly skin-growth. The blue tongues poked their heads out and said "■■■■ this ■■■■, and scampered back inside to watch their Dinosaur Junior video clips. Rows of upturned white plastic chairs lined the upper balcony viewing area, while a sprinkling of patriotic supporters weathered the inclement conditions.

There will be more comprehensive reports than mine on this training session, as I spent much of the time uncharacteristically arguing about succulent points such as ‘Hooker forward or back’, ‘Mutch - does he have any stand-out skills’, ‘Hibberd’s jawline compared to Jobey’s’, etc, to make my usual notes.

Speaking of Mutch - the plucky lad was first-out this morning, sprinting into the drizzling rain, kicking a ball to himself, as the rest of the group huddled inside the yawning, gaping, cavernous dark mouth of the EFC Hanger.

It was an all-business type of training session. A few drills after warm-up, a lot of play-sim, and lots of running. Merret took part in this and looked to be running well. I did not spy Hooker or Joey. Stewart did some light running, and Phillips looked the fine athlete doing laps. Shiel is growing out his hair.

In one fitness drill where groups run half a lap and back, and then took shots at goal, the entire list was sectioned into three groups, organised it seemed, into levels of stamina, as evident by Ham, Ambrose and Clarke in the first group, and Stringer, Smack and Francis in the third. Interestingly, Hibberd was in the first group about to run, when he was called out and told that he would be ‘tested later’ - he took no part in the drill.

Parish looks in fine form, and is my pick for top 3 in B&F this year.

Both ovals were used today. Trent (assistant) gave the usual zero info on Joey and Hooker.


Hey guys. I was there today also behind the goals talking to @CJohns and Cal Twomey . Didn’t know who you guys were but will say Hi next time.


I’m the good-looking one :slight_smile:


Further to Deckham’s report, Marty Gleeson came off with a groin issue and didn’t return.


And I got a glimpse of the elusive, eccentric and beer loving Joey in the gym through the door window.


Very excited about this.

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Who’s burning up the track?
Seems like not much has changed since December, with Parish and Smith looking good.
Anyone else?

Was out at training today in the light drizzle. Good they train in the less than perfect conditions as much as they can. The sanitised conditions at Docklands can be a double edged sword.
Rutten was again in charge.
Seeing Hibberd carried off, as reported above, was certainly disappointing. Up until now he has been a positive on the track. We can only wait and see what the damage is, but he was caught in a tackle.
I can’t add a lot to what Deckham has contributed above but again it was pleasing to see the work of Phillips. He is going very well and is pretty mobile. It must be said that TBell is also working hard on the track with Jamar and is looking very fit. First time for a while that he has had an un-interrupted preseason. Bryant, our new recruit, Phillips and TBell did a lot of work together under the guidance of Jamar. Draper was in the wings walking and jogging around.
Ambrose was prominent in the match simulation working from the backline and looks in terrific shape. Francis also was impressive. He showed his class on occasions with his anticipation and ability to read the play. He left the track early.
Merret was sometimes running on his own and other times joining in. He looked comfortable and fit to the un-trained eye.
Hooker appeared from the Hangar late in the session and observed the goings on. He had been working in the gym. Probably still awhile away from the track.
Last Monday Fantasia was made to look silly when he tried to get around Tippa after marking. Today it was Langford’s turn. Tippa nailed him and brought him to the ground very quickly.
It was good to see Stewart out on the track doing some light running work.
Session finished at about midday.


Any unlisted boys training?

Langford trying to run around Tippa ? ROFL :rofl:


Were they near the boundary line?
We know that causes brain snaps in Langford.


Tippa was tackling today like his contract depended on it. Laid more tackles today than Smith does normally in a game.


Tippa and Fantasia to win us the flag.

It was actually not far from the boundary line.
It might be his ‘Bermuda Triangle’


OMGod, Deckham is the lovechild of Jackie Mihocek and Tiffany. Well done jackie, we all knew you’d eventually knock her up.


Sorry wd. I can’t say I know the new ones all that well.
nackers was at training and may be able to help.


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Thanks @Deckham!

Sack Trent!!!

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what bad luck for Hibberd, hope its only minor.