Training Thursday 21st Feb - Match Sim

Managed to get he morning off work very late in the piece so couldn’t commit to the BBQ, looked like you guys had a good day.

Full match simulation today with a few players not participating for various reasons. I have provided notes on each player below.

1 Andrew McGrath – Was absent - at AFLX training.

2 Tom Bellchambers – Dominate display, swapped teams at ¼ time as he was giving his team too much of an advantage.

3 Darcy Parish – One of the BOGs, hard in the packs and skills were very good.

4 Kyle Langford – Another one who had a great performance in midfield and kicked goals up fwd. Flying.

5 Devon Smith – Typical Smith performance

6 Joe Daniher – played ¾ quarters, matched up on Ambrose who wore him like a glove, did some good things.

7 Zach Merrett (vc) played the 3rd quarter only, got a bit of it, on his way back to full fitness.

8 Martin Gleeson – rehab oval doing drills with some of the other boys

9 Dylan Shiel – Was absent - at AFLX training.

10 Aaron Francis - Just okay, kicked out a few times, match up on Stringer, Stringer won the contest

11 David Zaharakis – Typical Zaka performance

12 Mark Baguley – A few goals and lead up marks, solid

13 Orazio Fantasia – played well, kicked a few.

14 Jordan Ridley – quiet, didn’t play well or poor just did what he was required

15 Jayden Laverde - mostly played as a mid, competed hard, caught to often for mine with the ball.

16 Josh Begley - rehab oval, continuing to build, not far away.

17 James Stewart - took some solid marks, presented well finished with some boxing

18 Michael Hurley - Was absent - at AFLX training.

19 Kobe Mutch - rehab oval, continuing to build, not far away.

21 Dyson Heppell © – played the 2nd half, great sign should be back for JLT

22 Irving Mosquito – Didn’t train.

23 David Myers – played most of the game in the middle, solid

24 Jordan Houlahan – was more aggressive than last season, but little impact.

25 Jake Stringer – BOG, dominated clearance when in there and kicked 3 or 4 up fwd.

26 Cale Hooker (vc) - rehab oval, continuing to build, not far away.

27 Mason Redman - rehab oval, continuing to build, not far away.

28 Mitch Brown – played fwd, quiet

29 Patrick Ambrose - wore Joe like a glove, very solid

30 Brandon Zerk-Thatcher – good performance at CHB on multiple opponents. Put on some muscle

32 Noah Gown – rehab oval

33 Brayden Ham – did some nice things, one to watch going fwd

34 Jake Long – impressed down back with leadership and marking.

35 Matt Guelfi – usual Guelfi game

36 Michael Hartley – solid down back, had Smack and Stewart at stages

37 Dylan Clarke – Okay without standing out

42 Adam Saad – great runs through defence, good game

43 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti - Was absent - at AFLX training.

44 Shaun McKernan – Better as the game went on, a few goals up fwd, not much ruck time.

45 Conor McKenna – see Saad. End up on rehab oval for extra work.

20 Zac Clarke – Bellcho won the contest but impressed with around the ground work

38 Sam Draper – See Clarke.

39 Trent Mynott - Okay without standing out

41 Ben McNiece (B) – played 2nd half, solid

46 Tuth Jok Jok - played on the wing, got the ball and ran with it, disposal needs work

49 Matt Dea – usual solid performance



I’m hearing via @Robin_Close that Raz has a hammy. Others are saying that he has two. Just wondering if said hammys are all good. :grin:


A flying Stringer is not what the rest of the comp wants to hear


He gets me up and about for sure, A true weapon that the game has missed for a little while.

His nickname at the dogs “Freakshow” is apt.

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Training reports have hit a new benchmark. I LOVE that every player gets a mention.


Great to hear this about Stringer because there hasn’t been a lot said about him this pre-season. 60 goals this year.



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ASB, great, comprehensive report.
Sounds a bit like the jockeys coming in to be weighed after the Melbourne Cup. :smiley:
Never mind the players, what was the weather like ?

Boy oh Boy wowee! Stringer the clearance machine and goal kicking beast! Petracca and DeGoey might have to take a back seat this season.


Ya fucken kidding me if raz has done a hammy

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Raz ACL last week, hammy this week… When will it end???


I think they’re taking the ■■■■. They got me in the other thread

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I am guessing Robin was just playing around to fire up Nino.


Just check Tom Browne . He knows everything but anything he doesn’t know , he can make it up. Would you be happy with that?


I like it when you post, she’s a fucken ripper. I should spend more time in the DJ thread but I cbf


DJ Brooke Evers. Join us when you can, man.

Thanks for the training report, @All-Star_Bomber_18 - good to hear that Stringer is flying.


Some of the kicks stringer does in between training are out of this world. Last training session I was at he was kicking a ball back to one of the coaches/trainers and mucking around, picked it up at speed off balance within a step or two kicked a bullet that nearly put a hole through the coach or trainer.


I know you jokers find it amusing but the less of that “Razz has done a hammy” stuff the better. Many of us take this stuff way too seriously, I know, but we can’t change that, and even though we know it’s probably a joke there’s still that little voice in our head saying What if it’s true?

Thanks heaps for the in-depth training report!!

[EDIT]: Didn’t mean this to be a reply to your post, wob, it’s just a general comment.


Raz rolled his ankle but he’s OK.


Slight ankle disruption.