Training Times?

Anyone know what this week’s training days and times are at The Hangar?

Oops!:flushed: Just found out the boys were given today off (because of their good behaviour at Coffs Harbour??) and are back training at The Hangar tomorrow! :rage: more petrol wasted!

What time is training tomorrow - anyone know?

Normally around 10am

The team must have met their KPI for production of purposefully driven innovation at the camp.


Last year it was 10am, this year it has normally been starting at 9am.


So does that mean tomorrow and then again Friday?


Are they training this morning? If so, anyone there?

The players are wandering around but have not hit the track yet. Anticipate an afternoon session! :roll_eyes:


Hope you didnt rush there at 9am

8am actually…had some breakfast in the Cafe and now twiddling the thumbs. Probably be an arvo session…aaaahhhh! The things you do to capture training photos!! :rage:


Probs waiting for the lazy AFL umps to turn up for the match sim.

Was there too - rocked up just before 1000 and saw players casually wandering in to the club from the carpark.

Enjoyed an almond croissant (very good) and tea in the cafe and headed back home!

Well…what can I say ( that’s not offensive)?
I waited and waited and eventually the players appeared…and guess what? They had a 45 minute session of playing Frizbee :flushed: Yep! We may not win a game of footy in 2020 but we’re short odds for the inaugural AFL Frizbee Championship. That’s what we aspire to isn’t it fellow supporters?:roll_eyes:
For evidence of our sublime Frizbee skills, check out “Karmabomber” on Instagram tomorrow for the photographic evidence.
I’m now crouching in to a ball under the kitchen table until this bad dream disappears!:anguished: