Training Tuesday 12/7/16

HeppA can do anything a small defender needs to be able to do. He has enough pace, from what I have seen, and he wins one on one contests every time. I know the talent of AFL players is higher, but I can't remember him losing a one on one contest anytime I have been watching. IMO he is better at just about everything, except overhead, than Gleeson. Who would you rather trying to tackle a strong bodied mid eg Dustin Martin - HeppA or Gleeson? He hits targets every time. He makes good decisions. And, he has improved so much in 12mths, at 21 yrs of age, who is to say there is not more improvement to come? How many players play well week, in week out at VFL level? If he were on our list right now, he would deserve selection ahead of Ashby and probably Gleeson. The only faults I can find are 1. He doesn't give you much rebound. His instincts are to defend. But I see no reason why he might not improve in this regard as his confidence grows. 2. He is small - like his brother! It hasn't stopped him being a contested ball winner, and HeppA has similar abilities. If we have too many HBF types (depends somewhat on Hibbo), I would have him ahead of Gleeson. If we got him as a late pick or a rookie, and traded Gleeson for a pick in the forties, it would be a win.

Not sure how you can even compare him to Gleeson and say he is better at just about everything. As we see time and time again VFL form and therefore standard is hugely different to that of the AFL. Gleeson has played some very good games of footy in his AFL career yet you’re happy to claim a back pocket VFL player is better at just about everything. Wow

@jodi He is a back pocket not a hbf… it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have the attacking instincts some do. His job to to shut down his opponent, he doesn’t do flashy stuff. Also Dyson is not small at all wtf.

We dont even know which of the remaining key players of the 12 are coming back, yet we are recommending trading some of this years best 22 players.

First, settle who is coming back.
Work out what we need.
Then work out the delistings ( you cannot trade them if they cannot cut it)
Then try to do some trading
Then go to the AFL and rookie drafts

Lets wait until the picture is clearer.