Training Tuesday 30 April

I dropped into Tullamarine this morning to have a bit of a look at what was happening. There were six other people watching, plus a group of students doing a tour. Plenty of cheering for Heppell and Walla.
Here are a few brief impressions. I only stayed for an hour.
It was pretty windy out there with a little chill in the air. It must have been a little chilly as Mossie was wrapped up when he appeared, but he shed the layer once he got started.
The group of the injured players - or players in rehab - consisted of Mutch, Stewart, Brown, Marty Gleeson, Zac Clarke (surprised at how skinny he is) McKernan and Laverde.
All we’re running at various paces.
McKernan and Gleeson were doing some sharp stepping movements and change of direction exercises with a member of the training staff. McKernan was also jumping off both feet, as the ball was lobbed to him. He was running a few three quarter pace sprints of about 30 x 40 meters, which I thought was encouraging. I hope he is not too far away.
It struck me that I haven’t seen Gleeson kick the ball with any force or intensity on the occasions that I have been at training. He may have, but I haven’t seen it. Hope that ankle is ok.
Felt a bit for Kobe Mutch running / walking laps. He has a rotten run in the past two years with injury. If he could get a crack at it I believe he would be a real asset in the seniors.
Laverde jogged and walked a few laps and, like Mutch. He joined in some light running as Brown, Clarke, Mutch and McKernan did straight line 100 meters running at their own pace and time. I was surprised that Laverde was running so well considering the problem that occurred on Saturday.
I couldn’t see Bellchambers out there at all and I’m not sure about Smith. Don’t take my word on Smith. When I got home I was wondering whether I saw him or not, so he may have been training but slipped under my radar.
The first drill consisted of players in groups of three short passing to one another on the move from about 30-40 meters. It was our passing that hurt us on Thursday and cost us dearly. One would think / hope it was discussed and the aim was to practice and be aware of it. I know it’s different under manic pressure, but if we want to challenge, then that is an area we must improve on.
Players then split into two groups, one on each oval. One group seemed to be working on bringing the ball from the backline with players running to specific spots to receive. There was no one-on-one pressure or tackling involved, but just players making correct position as they moved the ball cleanly to the forward line. It was repeated many times with the same players moving to the same position. Then there would be some variations with positioning.
Meanwhile, the other group seemed to be concentrating on working the ball out of defence, using different options. Again, no physical contact involved. The coaches called them in at various times, perhaps to deliver and explore ‘learnings’.
Senior players were split evenly among the two groups.
That’s all I’ve got. Not much there, but it’s good to see them upbeat.
Good to see Alex Epis at the club.


Thanks dontildeath, top effort.

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We’ve all had “learnings” reading that.


Thanks for the report.

So, how did the players do with their kicking? Were they consistently hitting targets?

■■■■!!! I had the day off today and checked online and couldn’t find if they were training or not.

Where can you find out when they are training?

Yes, but they were aiming for players :frowning:

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They were, but we all know the difference between training and the real thing. I was pleased to see them hitting the target in windy conditions.
However, I’m a believer that players can improve if they practice, practice and practice.
Jobe Watson became an elite kick after a slow start


Only way is to ring club. The promised updates by the club haven’t been published for some time.

At Tullamarine is the best place to find out.
I think the best option on your days off from now on is simply to go there at about 9 and wait til at least 12 and then think about giving up if they haven’t rocked up by then


Did Shiel kick a goal at training?

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It got touched on the line.


Goal line, behind line or boundary line?


all three

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Did you notice anyone putting their hand up to play as a key forward for us this week?

Were Francis or Draper doing some goal kicking?

While I was there they were doing drills that seemed to be designed to hone in on ball movement and kicking to position rather than simulated match practice with forward and back set ups.
Once the drill was completed with the ball in the hands of the player near the goals, they returned the ball to the coach to set up the drill again rather than bang the ball through. I found that a wasted opportunity.


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Main training would be tomorrow ( Wednesdays). To return to the normal weekly cycle. Right?
So this was essentially a type of “skills session”

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If the game is sunday would main training be Thursday?

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