Training Tuesday March 22

Training this morning began at about 10.30 and concluded at about midday.
I think it is fair to say that the atmosphere was subdued out there with little sparkle on display. Often times at training there is light hearted, buoyant mood with plenty of banter, but that wasn’t the case today.
This might be the year where we drop down the ladder a bit but actually make some improvement overall.
The players went through some rudiments drills in groups without any over exertion evident. Presumably they were still in recovery mode after playing Saturday in warm conditions.
There was some extended circle work with little or no physical contact. Individuals paired off at one stage and practiced their marking technique on a short lead. Handball drills of course and some simulation of stoppage work, which was on the far side of the ground and difficulty to see accurately. (No binoculars)
There was a goal kicking free for all towards the end of the session. I would like to see more players practicing from 35 - 50 meter range from set shots. We miss too many of those in a match. A lot were going for the trick shots on impossible angles. Most had trouble. Wanganeen not so much. He is naturally skilled. He stayed out there with Tudor(I think) to hone his skills. He didn’t kick them all but certainly knows where the goals are.
The last man on the track was Tippa who was running laps when every one else had gone in at midday. He doesn’t look too bad in my eyes but has a way to g, but he is definitely on the way.
Reid did specialist training on his own under the watchful eye of the medical staff and also joined in with general training. To me it looked like he is progressing cautiously but I really wouldn’t have a clue.
No Harry Jones. He was sighted wandering around in bare feet but that was it. Stringer looked good and ready to go.
I hope they give Hobbs a run in the seniors. I don’t think he would fare any worse than some we pick and he seems to have the build and the skill to make an appearance. He always trains hard. Voss is another who has impressed me at training, whether he is ready I don’t know but he would be worth looking at at some stage.
Overall the session was aligned to how they must of felt - or I hope they felt - after Saturday’s loss. Contrite.
Wondered through the Hall of Fame. Wasn’t particularly impressed. Not a patch on the old Windy Hill museum imo.


Thank you @dontildeath - good to hear their mood reflected ours somewhat.
Agree with you about goal kicking practice (the lack of direct coaching & set shot practice often spoken of on Blitz)
Would love Voss, Wanganeen & Hobbs to get a run.
Great news re Tippa - he’s obviously trying to get back asap- we certainly need him.

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Fold the club.


Thanks for the report.

:grimacing: that Reid is still working with medicos. Losing hope by the day with him.


I’m giving the VFLM the benefit of the doubt; they actually won on the weekend.


Must admit i asked my friend how was training. He wrote “uninspiring”



Thank you

Bring Hobbs Wanganeen & Voss in.

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I think that’s reality setting in for them…


Probably not overly surprising.

You’re not going to have a spring in your step after playing the first game in 31 degrees and getting pumped.


did they practise the extra around the ball kick it to the 2 on1 2Mp drill…lol

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It’s one week. This week is when Rutten earns his money. There are expectations, we played sht, the players may be struggling mentally after the loss and physically after being smashed in 30 degree heat. We’re playing a top team.Rutten has to find the switch. Uninspiring training on Tuesday is ok if it’s a session focused on recovery (but it still needs to be executed properly), but by the main session of the week I expect the mood to be improved and the bodies to be ready to go.


So it was game day simulations.


Good point regarding the set shot practice

Even during the warm up on Saturday, how many of the players spent the duration doing snaps from the boundary?

Cox spent the whole warm up kicking snaps from the pocket, yet when he had his one set shot for goal during the game, he never looked like kicking the goal

It’s a little thing but it’s always the little things our club doesn’t do well


It’s understandable to be flat, us included. But the reality is we’ve had a wake up call, and we will get Stringer and Francis in this week. We play at home.

I expect we will be improved this Saturday


Thanks for the update mate.
Was Snelling out there?



Why are we practicing what we are already good at ?

"There was some extended circle work with little or no physical contact. "


I’m glad there’s no spring. After the display on Saturday there is no reason for it. They should be solemn.

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Typical. How can they expect to improve contested possession when they never crack in at training?

I’ve been 3/4 times in the pre season too and there was certainly no need for a mouth guard.