Training Wed 12 Jan 2022 - nah, come back tomorrow

Anyone know what time it starts?

It would normally have started by now, it’s been 9 - 9.30 all pre season.
I presume you’re there, do they have the tents out yet?

They start at 11:15am today

Nothing! Soccer players about to start on Community Oval :man_shrugging:t3:

Thanks…….but it appears you’re wrong.
Latest advice is that the boys have Wed and Fri off. They apparently are training tomorrow (Thursday)!

So it’s going to be Thatcher Thursday?

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TexThursday thanks very much.

Thatcher Thursday sounds like the day all unionists are arrested.


I am assuming it’s on tomorrow (Thursday) because Alot of the guys that have been isolating get freed tomorrow

Furlough Thursday more likely IMO

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If I was a mod topic headings like this would earn a bam hammer

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What number is prismall wearing?


Did wheelie bin make a presence? Or did wheelie bin OD on KFC thus resulting in the nuggs shortage?

Twins Thursday

Are you allowed to go into the premises again?

Yes. You can access the Bomber Shop each day from 10am. At present, the main building is off limits because of Covid until further notice. Currently no restrictions on watching training.


May stroll down tomorrow morning…


Footy couldn’t come soon enough!



Not yet. Not sure when.

Colour of Stringers bucket hat please.