Training Wed 24th Nov

Hi all

I was able to see about 90 mins of training.

Session today had only about 20-25 players involved. Mainly around the youth - add in McGrath, Francis, Parish(modified), Wright(modified), Guelfi, Langford(modified) and Shiel. Many players missing… don’t think today was compulsory or some players had different programs inside.

So it was different kind of session with drills in small groups. Some in the Hangar… some outside. Still lots of running involved while doing drills. Running laps after drills etc. Numbers of players have their own individual programs so not much a big group work type day.

Was good to see McBride back in action. Looks to have comeback fit which is a good start. He comfortably did all of training and moved well.

Draper looked in ripping shape and has strengthened his arms and shoulders more. Looks quite intimidating actually.

Francis again looks quite good and moving very well. His leap is certainly back as he did some huge defensive spoils today.

Baldwin again looked good. Something about him i really like. I have not seen any lengthy forward marking drills as yet so i am still waiting to see how he handles that but they did an 8 on 8 wing side ball movement drill and he moves so well and picks a good option every time. Hard not to be happy with how he looks just as a footballer… almost Mid. Match simulations early next year will be interesting.

Sam Durham is another one you just sense is a senior player in 2022. His length and kicking looks so good. This will be his first development pre season ever so i think he will go up a level by March 2022 now being a full time AFL player.

Perkins, Cox and Jones were not visible today so nothing to report. Hird as well. Caldwell had a slight modified program but did complete some match ball drills. I do love how angry he gets if he misses a shot on goal. Nailed a beauty today saying that. McGrath the next play then out did him and kicked a banana from the boundary line. Got both on video actually. No idea how to post videos on here sorry. Might on twitter.

Hoping Cody Brand can pick his fitness level up. Still struggling with repetitive running. Looks a better player but has to get fitter.

First time i saw training with Rance assisting today and he certainly makes noise. It was quite humid today and he wanted the boys to push through it… which they did very well.

The new Irish strength and conditioning coach is damn strong!!! Dare i say weapon like. Boys try to one on one wrestle him but they have zero chance.

Zerk-Thatcher has definitely worked hard on his fitness the off season. I sense there are some players who know they need a big year and have come back to try and have one. Makes for a good problem to have for Truck.

Indifferent session but the players out there putting in hard work. Now to watch the draft tonight and welcome hopefully a new jet to the club.

Confirming also on a blitz report that yes Walla has a personal coach and working out separately with a fitness program.


Thanks CJohns, great report.


McGrath goal


Geez I’d love him to pull those out on match day!

Jye Cladwell nice 45
Metre goal from the angle


Dump kick from McGrath. Delist.

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I noticed an 11 and 22 out there. Just random jumpers or a couple of upgrades?

Was a few random jumpers today. Not sure how much i read into it


Photo of Draper from Charlie Donsimage


Jesus F Christ!

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Our boy!


Those are a couple of serious arms.

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A training report! There is no better way to head into the R1 draft. Great work CJohns. More to come l am sure.

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Don’t need big bodied mids when this ■■■■ is scaring the oppo away, finally a true Alpha male!

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Durham has moved to #22. He has changed his instagram bio.


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Grow the beard Draper

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Draper is absolutely peaking

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So with our players apparently electing to come back a little early, albeit on an apparent part time basis, when were they initially supposed to be back for the official day 1 of pre season?

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