Training Wednesday 10/5/17

Training in mild sunny conditions at Tullamarine.

Guaging the atmosphere among the handful of supporters is easy - disappointment and varying levels of depression, the players are harder to read. It seems to me that there is a level of suppressed anger and frustration but at the same time a preparedness to work through it.

With this in mind I decided to pay particular attention to Jobe who seems to epitomise our form at present. I’m pleased to report that he is up and about and was showing a leadership role, especially in the four on four handball drills. The man has a point to prove and I’m confident he will.

Mark Harvey was working with the defenders on the small oval. If you were unfortunate enough to go to the VFL game at Port Melbourne you probably observed that when a mark was taken deep in the backline everyone tended to rush forward and get manned up. The emphasis today was trying to get some overlap, a first handball, then a 45 degree foot pass to advantage. “Don’t always search for the kick, search for the overlap with the handball. The first handball decision gets you going.”

Skills were somewhat moderate “too many missing easy f…ing kicks” Morgan was singled out for criticism after doing a high, nothing kick forward “That’s the second kick you’ve f…cking kicked up in the air - turnover.”

Hartley tried to settle things down after some “■■■■, absolute ■■■■” skills: “Guys don’t get anxious, stay calm.” This was good advice.

Ridley and Ambrose looked on as they did some moderate running around the oval while several other players, sore not injured, did some running around the main oval.

So there you have it - a team that has had three interstate trips and played three games in thirteen days. Injuries and “resting” players has meant that probably even the coach doesn’t know who his best 22 are but be of good cheer. The plan is for the team to go better in the second half of the season as the players spend more time together and begin to jell.

Remember too that the VFL on Saturday gets you the opportunity to see a “Fridge” and a “Freezer” in the same team so chill out and enjoy Sheed’s Farmers’ Match when the hayseeds come to town.


Hard to argue with that advice… cheers JM.

Training reports are always greatly appreciated.

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Thanks Jackie

Do we know how far away Ridley is?

How’s Redman going? I gather he’s stagnated?

My problem with that statement is:

  1. What is the point of coming good in the 2nd part of the year if you can’t make finals?
  2. Every other team that’s trying to contend would have exactly the same approach - so unless our rate of improvement is greater than the other teams, then all we are doing is treading water.

We are rapidly becoming the ‘sick note’ club. Always ready with an excuse.

Thanks for the training update.

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Tldr, this club is ■■■■■■.


Thank you ,for report Jackie training. even though over season you’re appreciated,reports greatly. we no good. but training good , no midfield we have.


Terrific to get a training update, Jackie, been hanging out for a report, amidst a very gloomy period in the season to date.

Thanks Jackie.

I know many are disappointed. Me too.
I know many are angry. Sorry. I am not angry.

The club consistently said in the pre-season not to expect too much in 2017.

Fans are justified in being disappointed, but not in being angry.


“Skills we’re somewhat moderate”

That’s only been a problem for a decade now


Well that’s an improvement then.


Thanks Jackie. Sounds like a very low key affair.

Can all the sourpuss sadsacks fark off to some other thread, and let us thank Jackie and enjoy the update?


Any reserves players looking upbeat for a potential call up? (I’m guessing not Morgan)

Keen to see Mutch get a gig soon, I think he will be better with better players around him

Well this training report doesnt really instill any confidence about a good performance on the weekend.

Good to hear Jobe is up and about. Im sick of the talk in the media making a storm in a tea cup about him being rested for a week.

Is there a way to block certain posters? One in particular haunts every thread with negative attacks on the club and players and I’m over it.


You still Footy Media??

Serves you right then.

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Thanks Jackie, I think the frustration amongst the players is a good sign. Not wanting to accept losing, expecting better is a good thing.

I wasn’t expecting to win last week or this week for that matter. I think it is fair to start having “normal” expectations of our club the following week onwards.

Up to this week we have performed well when reasonably fresh. We won’t be too fresh this week after a Perth trip and a 6 day break and 4 games in 18 days. I think it will be more reasonable to expect us to play like a match hardened side after this stint.


I dont mind the rush hour podcast.
Generally dont watch any footy media after a loss, so havent really done since our Anzac day win.They did talk about it during the game last week.

Love your work as always Jackie.

A touch grim, but that’s the reality. Progress is incremental. That said, I’ve got a funny feeling about this game…

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