Training Wednesday 24/8/16 - Jumbo Justifies His Presence

Thanks JM and KB as always. Love yer work.

After the west coast pre season game and the round 1 debacle, I had us down for 0 wins and 5+ 100 point drubbings.

After Round 2, I dared to dream a little - like we all did - but it became obvious pretty quickly that this was the worst Essendon team - talent wise - that I’ve ever watched. Sure, our top 10-15 were talented enough, some of them have even grown into stars, but the last 5-7 guys in the team most weeks, weren’t up to the level. And it’s hard to win games when that’s the case.

2 wins is a pretty solid return, but three wins and avoiding the spoon with our situation, would be our biggest achievement since winning a final in '04.

Fark carlton.

P.S cheers for the reports JM!

I expected 4-5 wins. I was really disappointed with 3 of our games this year that I thought we just didn’t seem to show up with the right intensity/game plan/mindset and it showed. There were also another 2-4 games that we could have won had we kicked straighter or converted our chances. Other than that I really think we have played above my expectations. Show of our passages of play have been brilliant and you can literally see the players developing week on week. There have been far more highlights than disappointments, that is for sure.

My biggest questions before the seasons started:
Can Zaka/Zerrett and BJ carry the midfield? The answer was at times brilliantly and for Zaka it was a real mixed bag. Parish was a nice bonus as well. Overall this group performed a little above my expectations overall.
Can a combination of Hartley and Brown/Gwilt cover as key defensive backs? The answer was surprisingly well, especially when you factor in that we lost Bags quite early and then Gwilt went down. Yes we have been ripped apart a couple of times but most of the time they have held their own

Overall I am very pleased with the season, although I think we should have snagged at least 4 wins, and think we absolutely made the ‘best’ of what we had.