Training Wednesday 27/11/17

Training at Tullamarine in 35 degree heat. It reminded me of a similar day at Windy Hill when Lloyd exhorted his team mates “Don’t let the heat be an excuse!” Perhaps the afternoon session was chosen deliberately to acclimatize the players to conditions they might encounter.

Fantasia appeared briefly on the small oval and seemed ok before moving to the sidelines once again.

Francis concentrated on running repetitions and was moving well, at times receiving lots of encouragement from his team mates.

Mark Jamar was assisting today - good to see the big Russian again however Tommy Bellchambers in a violet top, had the umpiring duties perhaps hinting at a post football career?

Bruce was impressed with Houlahan’s ability to kick with booth feet and I spent some time talking to a club official who lauded his talents as well and said it was mainly a case of how hard he works. He was also very complimentary of Zerk’s hands when marking and said he sees him as an eventual replacement for Hurley.

With regard to the overall shape of the list his view was that it was very well balanced in terms of both needs and demographics and with the evenness of the competition we are well placed for a tilt at a flag in the next few years. In particular it was emphasized that there is real pressure for spots which is a positive.

Players trained efficiently in the heat with plenty of drink breaks and the atmosphere seems quite positive.

I think the time trial is on this Friday at Princess Park rather than training at Tullamarine but I haven’t been told that officially.


Any contested midfield drills jackie?

Jackie if you have time keen to hear about who impressed you most from
The younger largely underexposed brigade?

Must be to give them a change up, as I understood the 1k running track around the Hangar was specifically made for this purpose. Otherwise, they think it is a risk or something? Maybe they think if they go to PP, that Stants will just turn up out of habit and he’ll realise the mistake he’s made going to FKCFC.

Thanks for the report.

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Yes - they are working on these types of drills at every session.

I haven’t seen enough to say anything meaningful beyond the comments on Houlihan and Zerk.

Jimmy Stewart!


So envious of Melb’s weather rn

I am completely totally 100% UNimpressed by the club’s selective slo-mo so-called training videos. Anyone can produce a piece of cheap propaganda.

I would rather read our Blitz reports and as much real-time video as possible than this glossy PR crap.


Midfield beastmode :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:

Bring him in!


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Stewart don’t arguing till the break of…Tippa!


What’s wrong with the videos? Would you rather the club do NO video? I really like them


Hey Jackie any idea where I could find confirmation of whether or not the boys with be at Parkville on Friday? Was planning on heading out to Tulla to watch the session. I’d s’pose I can call the club on the morning?

You’ll love this then! Skip to 0:16.


Probably from the blade runner school of filming. Make things twice as long.

I want training video. Not wank material.

The Club used to post proper, real-time footage, not edited, prettified crap.


Completely agree. As I said earlier, it’s not a film clip, it’s a footy club.

■■■■■■ hell you guys are hard to please.