Training Wednesday 27/11/17

Probably just getting to that old, grumpy, ‘the next generation is rubbish and I don’t understand it’ - phase of my life.


Lol. I hear ya.

On a brighter note if all we have to complain about, is the artistic merit or lack of, of training videos, we’re in a very good place.


You wank to slow-mo videos of footballers training?


Sure beats a flash mob. (Which I personally mark as the beginning of the ‘saga’.)


No. I prefer … well, let’s not go into that. But there’s no other possible purpose for producing that sort of video.

Jackie, you don’t seem to be at all enthusiastic about what you saw today. Was training that flat?

Sliding doors moment

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Stinking hot followed by torrential rain. Do you live on Mars?

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Not at all. Things are going very well it was just so hot I found it hard to concentrate. I skulked in the shade a bit.

“Players trained efficiently…the atmosphere was quite positive.”

Stewart getting roasted in the comments


He was - in those highlights at least - awesome. In fact the video should have been titled: SStEEwart.

Watched the vid again. And what really concerns me is the van driving past at around 3 -4 seconds. What is it doing? Who is in it? Why are they there, at that specific time when the guys are so far away from the camera? What is going on?. Obviously some sort of training surveillance. I will inquire at the info session.


Really? Yes, he broke a few tackles, but it’s doubtful he ended up getting a clean handball away.

Then in the second play he got tackled by Tippa.

Not really sure what’s awesome about it

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Was a bit tongue in cheek. He took up more time in the video - other than guys signing things - than anyone else. And he was, after all, breaking tackles against Essendon players.

Thank you, thank you.

And people say the slo-mo videos don’t tell the real story of the day!

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Fanta and green getting into Stewart for not dishing off, lol

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Looks to me like he busted tackles from Redman (twice) and Parish, not exactly guys in his weight division but good to see them all working hard early

Shelton pls