Training Wednesday 27/2/19

Training today in warm to hot conditions with no breeze at all.

Mutch, Houlihan, Zerk, Gown, Ham, Dlarke, Mynott, and McNiece were already training when I got there around 9.30. Mo22ie did some work boxing and then went out to do some runs on the second oval.

As I haven’t for some reason seen Ham too much this preseason it was a good chance to see more of him, and I agree with others that he definitly looks like he has a lot to work with. I can’t see too many problems with his game accept the obvious that he has a very light frame at the moment but has a lot of assets with pace, endurance, good hands and disposal by foot and hand.

Dlarke and Mynott seem to have developed a great friendship and healthy rivalry, they are always chirping at each other and trying to out do the other. This has also been a trait across the whole group to an extent this pre season.

They finished just before 11 when 23 players came out for the captains run, who I would presume are the players playing tomorrow.

They were:
McGrath, Parish, Langford, Daniher, Merrett, Shiel, Francis, Zakka, Baguley, Ridley, Laverde, Begley, Stewart, Brown, Ambrose, Guelfi, Hartley, Draper, Saad, Tippa, Smack and Jok
Smith and Hurley were also with them but were wearing runners and didn’t do any of the drills.

I take this to mean we will get to see Draper, Begley and Jok tomorrow, a great effort from Begley in particular.

The main session started in an unusual fashion with what looked like the players lying on their backs for a while doing either a meditation or visualisation session of about 5 minutes.

Afterwards it was just light drills before finishing with goalkicking.

I have though that Jok’s field kicking has been quite good from what I have seen this preseason, but I had a good look at his goalkicking and frankly it was terrible. I didn’t see him kick one (all from tight angles) and most missed by a considerable margin. The main problem was his ball drop which was all over the place, definitely something to work on.


Stops refreshing the browsers and thanks @Knackers

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hail to the king baby

Thank you! The countdown clock is on - at last.

oh baby thats the good stuff.

Excited, just in general, but particularly to see Jokko and Draper play. Super kudos to the Begger-Man too; you can see how hard he has applied himself just by looking at him.


Thanks @nackers. I think you’ve only named 22 guys there. Do you recall who the 23rd was?

also, I thought tomorrow we’d be using 24 or 26 players?

no Stringer?

Pretty sure Crow said that Begs was still a while off, along with Redman and Gleeson.

We’ll see.

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No Stringer or Fanta,

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Yes I was surprised but it certainly seemed to be the team that would be playing

Looks like we are taking JLT very seriously this year.

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Make that 24 including Smith and Hurley


AFL site said Stringer left training early on Monday with a small knock… Maybe they are taking it easy with him.

hes got groin soreness

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Draper :partying_face:

(Even though it means Bellchambers is now mere ash, rubbed into the nether regions of a sadhu in Varanasi.)


Ok, so blitz does weird things when you try and insert an excel table…

Anyway, aside from the backline, this is a really young team. Check out that midfield - it will be a real test for McG/Parish and Langford who will get some serious minutes on the ball, and we’ll get a good look at Shiel and Draper too. Smith is only meant to be playing half a game too.

The Knacker’s Team
Brown Hartley Ambrose
Francis Hurley Saad
McGrath Parish Langford
Merrett Shiel Zakka Draper
Begley Daniher Tippa
Baguley Stewart Smack
Jok (Mid) Smith (Mid/Fwd) Ridley (Def) Guelfi (Utility) Laverde (Utility)

Will be a good chance for Brown/Ambrose/Francis/Stewart/Laverde/Guelfi/Draper/Ridley to put their hand up and show they can make an impact.

Carlton will be keen to get a win to give their membership a boost and so it will be a decent effort if we can get the job done.

Having said that I’d rather us stick to our gameplan/structures (whatever that is this year) and learn about it’s faults (and maybe lose) rather than play crap and win because they are an inferior side.

With guys like Hooker, Heppel, TBell, Stringer, Raz out of the side this should actually be a really good test.


Heppell was confirmed to play

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Edit: horribly unbalanced side if that is at all close

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No Zerk.

I’m not happy.

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