Training Wednesday 31st

So i made it to training this afternoon. The stock standard report on the weather… it was windy and cool.
Training was mostly stoppage based as well as some wrestling exercises where one player would try to wrestle the ball off the other.
Parish was feisty as hell just keeps going but lacks strength still. On one occasion mckernan picked him up and threw him 3x in about 20 seconds. Myers super strong in this too.

Then there was the usual confined space handpassing drills and some match simulation which was the most enjoyable part to watch.


  • daniher, hooker and Stewart went to the separate oval together. Those 3 look imposing especially Stewart who is a massive unit close up. They just did running and goal kicking practice which daniher and Stewart were pretty dead eye despite the wind.
  • ridley was training separately on the other oval.
  • Francis not seen
  • baguley in full gear but just standing watching the whole session.
  • Heppel and myers were against each other the whole session, wrestling, stoppages, match simulation etc. To be honest myers was all over him. I think I’ve made my thoughts known previously in that to be a centre square mid you need either one of power, pace or quick hands even more so in the last 2 years. Hepp doesn’t have any of these so for mine he should be played to his strengths on the outside. Myers would be a quality player if he had a right side, he is really strong and keeps his feet when tackled.
  • laverde as others have said was dominant. Really strong and didn’t miss a shot at goal. I wonder why lav isn’t tried more in the midfield over langford who still seems the same as last year to me. Again he is tall like hepp but also not strong, not quick and not quick hands so i dunno if he will make it on the inside either. Maybe a few more years in the gym and he might.
  • stringer was very good, because he is so big and quick he can rip the ball out and nobody can stop him with momentum. He even one time fended off zac merret with a stiff arm and merrett wasn’t very pleased it wasn’t called high. Actually zac seemed a bit moody today which was funny.
  • parish was superb in match sim. I think he will be good this year. Him and McGrath combined a couple of times with lightning hands.
  • tippa seemed to dominate the match sim when in the centre.

I took some photos but they are pretty rubbish because it was only on my phone. If anyone has specific questions just ask I’ve probably forgotten a decent amount till a particular player is asked about.


Thanks for the report, mate!

How was Begley?

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Top work, pal.

Good, actually all the bigger powerful guys were impressive (laverde, begley, stringer, myers). Begleys kicking in the wind was still elite because he punches it low and hard.


thanks for the update. I am excited about Daniher, Tippa and Stringer.

I’m starting to see Myers as being a bit like Sammy Lonergan. strong and tough and can get his hands on it in close but nothing seems to come of it. Myers, like Lonergan, seems to excel at forcing secondary ball ups. He isn’t clean and quick enough by hand to be an elite first possession player and lacks the vision and hands to use his ability to stand up in tackles in any sort of damaging way. He is too slow and one sided when played outside. At his best he is handy but I’m not sure where that leaves him at his age.

Heppell is an interesting one. I think he very very good below his knees and around the ground at contests with small numbers he can be very brave and effective at winning those contests. He is less effective at stopagges though, no question. He is likely too slow and doesn’t have the kicking weapons to justify his being played purely outside the contest but he is exceptional as an around the ground floater who wins contests, finds space, and gives a chop out in the air. What is his best spot? I’m just not sure but he feels wasted as a pure defender or forward.

I won’t be denied on Langford but he is yet to prove it in the centre at senior level. I can’t wait to see his progress this year but have to admit every time I read a report like this I do get a little nervous.

Parish sounds like a Jack Russell. I think there is a place for him in the modern game. Perhaps our go to centre square combination will end up being a very unconventional parish, McGrath Zerret.

Man I hope stringer can translate the glowing training reports to match day


Thanks for the report Bully.


Thanks for the report.
Just on Myers, do you think he’ll start?
From everything I’ve heard he’s clearly outperforming Langford for a midfield position and Laverde is probably more forward than mid for the time being. Between the three there’s probably only one spot with a healthy list.

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If Myers gets gametime over Langford then its pretty much curtains for lang.

With Stringer essentially moving into Jobes vacant inside mid spot, and Heppell a lock it was always going to initially come down to Myers vs Langford for that last big bodied mid.

Myers was trash last year in the seniors, unable to win enough footy and poor disposal once he had it. Winning wrestling comps in preseason shouldn’t really be the thing that holds his spot. Langford ‘should’ be getting in there ahead of him based on his football ability but certainly needs to find another gear in aggression stakes though.

Mutch and LAV would be next gunning for a spot as well. I expect LAV will see a lot more midfield minutes in 2’s developing if not in seniors as a fwd.


Myers lacks an outside game these days. But it’s been a while since he’s had an uninterrupted run at it. Think he’ll play some important minutes but we all hope that Langford Laverde finally kick on and Begley starts to put his hand.


All of the listings of Heppell’s deficiencies (not quick, not strong, not an inside player, etc., etc.) overlook the most important facts. He consistently gathers 25+ possessions per game; he always gets his kick or handball away; he almost always hits his target; he’s an excellent mark one-on-one; and he kicks goals. He’s a ■■■■■■ good player.


I just hope Heppell is working on his kicking and handball penetration. His kicks hang in the air far too much for the modern game IMO.


No mention of Zaka. How is he going? He was a very important player last season.


Thanks Bully. Nice work!

I’m concerned with Stringers fitness, if he’s playing pure midfield he’ll struggle to get 75% game time. Trying not to get overexcited with Stringer.
I agree Langford needs more aggression, sometimes it just clicks with the realisation of how important each and every contest is. I really hope he can work out a way to be instrumental in the midfield for us.
Stringer, Langford & Myers - Win clearances and be accountable.

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that’s very pleasing

and thanks heaps Bully for the excellent report

Just on the last part on Lav it would be an absolute waste to a play him as a forward in the VFL I hope your right and that he plays VFL midfield if not playing forward in the AFL

What? You qualify for the Olympic logic long jump with this conclusion.

Thanks for the training report, feeling bullyish about the team.