Trav Cloke

We threw $600k at Cloke a few years back which in hindsight would have been a disaster, but I wonder whether he’d be a good target this off season?

Looks like he needs a change of scenery, would come at the right price and would take a bit of pressure off Joey.

I might throw my phone through the TV screen occasionally due to the inaccuracy but IMO he is worth a good hard look

He's a perfect candidate for North

He’s the perfect candidate for a caravan park in Queensland.

Would take him in a heartbeat.

Cloke and joe as the key forwards

Hurley and hooker as the keybacks

Now that is a spine

He would take so much pressure off joe. Fwiw it will never happen but he would be great for our side

Late rookie pick. Maybe.

He’d have to be cheap.

“Cloke and joe as the key forwards”

Kicking points 'til the early morn …

Seriously, no.

We need someone to show JD where the middle is, … not make him feel like missing it is par for the course.

Hooker key forward. Hartley and Hurley key backs

Idea is good but it is a no from me. He is 29 or 30 and yes I agree he needs a change of scenery. Maybe he could help out at visy park?

A no because of his age
Imo his biggest problem the last couple of years is that Buckley is determined to play him exclusively in the forward 50 when he’s always been at his best as a hit up CHF

Permaban for the creator of this thread and anyone who has posted in it.

■■■■■… That includes me too now…

He’s a perfect candidate for North


If he went elsewhere I’d suggest Richmond would be the place.

They need a foil for Jack Riewoldt, there is the Cloke history at the Tigers. And they have been topping up with hacks for years now!

Cant see him leaving Vic so Freo will miss out again even though they need him also.

Both Cloke and Daniher play their best when they get on their bikes on move up the ground. Hooker playing as a deep forward would be far more valuable.

Harltley and Hurley would be a good combination, able to cover all body shapes and playing styles.

He would be our best forward

clearly we shouldn’t get him

Richmond should get Cloke if Hardwick wants to keep his job.
Actual forward support for Reiwoldt.
Reiwoldt play close to Goal
Cloke CHF

Should trade Vickery/Hampson for a bag of chips and try and get another ruckman as a free agent.
Can also end the stupid experiment of playing Chaplin as a Forward

This forwardline would be quite Dangerous IMO
HF: Edwards Cloke Martin
F: Rioli Reiwoldt Yarran

Plus also history of his Dad going to the Tigers.
Either Bucks goes or Cloke goes.

Look how well North have done with Waite.

We don’t need him if we plan playing Hooker forward.

Surprised that the OP received so many genuine replies.

Its the dumbiest dumb that ever dumbed idea.

4th round pick at most.

If he came free I wouldnt be interested. Is this like a Ricky Mott thing? I dont understand. He isnt even VFL standard anymore. Got pantsed on the weekend by our VFL team. He is finished. Gone. Kaput.

Idea is good but it is a no from me. He is 29 or 30 and yes I agree he needs a change of scenery. Maybe he could help out at visy park?

I didn’t realise he was that old. I thought 27 at the most.

Then its a no from me