Travel Thread


Shame you’re not in Helsinki long enough to hop on the ferry over to Estonia. Tallin is quite lovely!


Anyone been to Colombia?




Yep, and it is a lovely place to visit.

Cartagena is lively and lots of fun.


Yes, and it is my favourite country in the Americas. Colombians are incredibly welcoming.


Yes, spent 3 weeks there in late 2016 through mainly Bogota, Cartagena, and Medellin. It’s great.


No, but a good friend was robbed at gunpoint there. Lost everything (backpack, camera, laptop, passport etc.) bar the clothes she had on and a hundred or so US dollars which she had stashed in her shoes. You can imagine what fun that was to sort out…
Don’t let that put you off though… I don’t imagine that’s your typical Colombian experience :slight_smile:


Thanks folks


Sounds an experience almost as bad as watching Essendon play Carlton each year


yeah, I’m ok for head phones!


Greetings from Roma.

(Had to create a new account, could not remember my password :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Went to Tivoli Gardens yesterday, was beautiful. Resting today, the flight seemed to be never ending.

Aussies on at 5pm here tomorrow, perfect time, will be watching having a few aperol’s at the bar.


Greetings Miss Ellie-have a great holiday. We’ll be watching from Dublin! Drove through Benburb today (Conor’s home town). Have loved Ireland- green fields, wild coastline & great pubs with friendly locals.


:slightly_smiling_face: Wow, we are virtually neighbours.

We will be in Ireland in August, so thanks for the info.



On a plane flying to Cairns for a Conference with real WiFi !

Has anyone been to Hoi An in Vietnam?

Mrs Fox is going to a conference there in October and I am the handbag. So is there much to do and see


Haven’t been there for 18 years, but it was the place to get a shirt / suit / dress made up overnight. It was pretty touristy, but all contained in the atmospheric old-town, so didn’t feel over-developed. Pretty good food & shopping and a typical local market. I think it may be the jumping off point for battleground tours from the American War if that takes your fancy. Be aware that October is the start of Typhoon season in Central Vietnam & Hoi An can get flooded.


Prices have risen there. My mate has just returned this week and a tailored shirt now costs $24. No tailors would budge below this price.


The Old Town of Hoi An is Disneyland on steroids. Do your research on the town tickets, which allow you to go to your choice of a certain number of attractions at a discount rate.

Trip to Mỹ Sơn is a must-do (typically half-day if on a tour, maybe combined with something else). It’s no Angkor, but the typical overcast conditions give it atmosphere and the ability of the “glued” bricks to survive is pretty amazing.



I love the homes in the area (not in the Old Town). Most are on slim terrace blocks, and with new money coming into the area so many are being rebuilt as miniature McMansions, often with a business of some sort on the lower level. There is soooo much variety, and surprisingly even the most ridiculous designs work in small portions.