Travel Thread


Half hour delay but finally at Dubai and in the Emirates lounge. 37 degrees here at 6:30am and expected to reach 44 today. Thankfully fly out to Frankfurt in a few hours


Yeh mate was in Abu Dhabi a few weeks back, was 41 at 6.30am. Flaming love that heat :grin:


The Hoi An free bike tour is really good. You only pay a couple of bucks for expenses. The Uni students use it to practice their English.


Hope you mean they do the pedalling !


During the day is ok, we went in July when it reached 48 and 49. It’s when you go outside at night that kills you.


Where are you staying in Frankfurt. Will need 3 nights there next month.
& is it Central


Not in a bad spot, right on the river with decent views and about 400m to the main train station. Like all of Germany their rail system is great. Plenty of interesting things to see within walking distance. The hotel is starting to show its age a little but was still comfortable and chose it because of the location and car parking. 3 days is about all you need in Frankfurt


I stayed at a very old hotel across the road from the station.

Walking distance from the main part of town and about 2km from the main square (the Römerberg?).

Surprised it wasn’t destroyed in WW2. It seemed to predate it.

It was our first day in Europe. I wouldn’t be recommending it in a hurry.


We go to Frankfurt regularly on business and we now never stay in the City. Too expensive and a bit sterile. We stay out in smaller Towns, look for 4 star smaller Hotels on train line ( most are). Good prices and much nicer.


Leaving Nice for Spain today.

Nice has been lovely, looking forward to see what Spain is like now.

Hope everyone on BB is well :slightly_smiling_face:


Spain is nice. Hope you’re going to Andalusia…Seville and Granada particularly.

Barcelona isn’t Spain. It’s different.


Will be travelling to there.

Barcelona is our last port of call


Gonna miss Anzac Day heading to Hanoi for 9 nights never been any tips?


On my way home from Vietnam. Always a depressing feeling leaving to go home. Thanks for the crap weather in advance Melbourne. Anyway, Vietnam is super impressive. We did Saigon, Danang, Hoi An and Nha Trang. Can’t believe how much development is happening in Vietnam. The food is ridik as well.

Next is definietly Da Lat, Sa Pa, and Hanoi. Any other recommendations?


Loved Hoi An. Probably my fave part of Vietnam. We did My Son (and it was farking hot). It might have been because we cycled 60% of the way (around 32kms) but I highly recommend it. You go through local villages and markets, and it’s also really flat. There’s also old town which is really cool at night. Have fun!


Arrived in Seville this afternoon, it’s gorgeous, the vibe of the place is fantastic and only had a quick look this afternoon. Tomorrow will start exploring.

Saw a lovely red and black fan this afternoon, will be buying it tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face:.


Seville/Andalusia is really high on my list. Enjoy!


I love the intercontinental hotels. Hope you bought their annual membership (ambassador) which includes free room upgrades! We’ve had 3 upgrades to suites so far :slight_smile: Pays for itself every year.


We spent about 2 weeks in & around Hanoi in 2001 & really enjoyed it. It is well suited to hub & spoke travel where you fan out from a base. And there were lots of local travel agents who could organise day & multi-day trips to places like Sapa, Ninh Binh & Halong Bay, so you don’t need to do this beforehand. Trekking down the valley from Sapa (including homestays with Blue Hmong & Tai) & the hilltribe market at Muong Hum were highlights, as was the food in Hanoi.


Caveat: I went in 2005 and I gather a lot has changed since then.
I really loved Hanoi, the climate is milder and the French colonial feel is really rather charming.
One of the highlights of our whole Vietnam trip was an off the cuff decision to attend a performance in the Hanoi Opera House. The venue and the performance were outstanding and a hell of a lot cheaper than anything comparable in Oz.
And don’t miss Uncle Ho, although try to pick a day when the primary school kids aren’t going. We had to wait as thousands of kids filed past his tomb, which was kind of cool, locals should always precede tourists.
As Gnik noted, Sapa is, was?, great.