Travel Thread


Emirates FC lounge in Dubai is best I have ever been to.

I am now in Tianjin. Can confirm China Southern lounges are no match.

Anyone with tips for Tianjin? Guangzhou? (will be there Sunday - I usually only get one day free per city).

  • Bia Hoi. Sit down and drink fresh draught beer on any street corner.

  • Moto cycle tour. Best way to see the city.
    *Food tour good tucker all over Vietnam never so true as in Hanoi.

From memory there is a museum where you can see Senator John McCains flight kit from when he was captured in the Vietnam war. Those bastards tortured him so much apparently he can’t lift his arms above his shoulders… Or so the rumours go.

Vietnam is the best. Surely will overtake Thailand as the South East Asian destination this decade. Pity its not as cheap as it once was.


I’d avoid sapa in the wet season. Ie now.

Only worth a visit in the dry season. Too wet and cloudy to get much out of climbing it.


So jelly.

Seville is a place I would love to visit… I guess next year!


Haven’t spent much time in Tianjin but the Huangya section of the Great Wall is close by and is well worth the visit. A lot quieter that the touristy parts of the wall near Beijing and has incredible scenery. Tianjin itself I found a bit sterile but did have some large European influenced areas of buildings and food. The former Italian concession area has some good eating. Guangzhou can be a bit overwhelming for some people and not the prettiest city but I’d recommend doing a river cruise which gives you a decent look at the City. The Canton tower is pretty impressive and has great views of the city and surrounds. Shamian Island has some pretty cool old European architecture if you are into that kind of stuff and there are plenty of nice parks to wander around the City


Only stayed at that Intercontinental as the rate was excellent and the location suited us. I’m not a member of their program. We are Gold Hilton Honors and Accor members so generally stay in their properties as a rule


Having a great time and the weather has been pretty good so far. After Luxembourg City we spent just over a week driving through Belgium. Bruges was excellent again and Brussels was a lot better this time. Even managed to attend the parade for the Belgian WC side on their return. Hadn’t been to Antwerp before but thought it was a pretty cool place with plenty to do. Only drove across the bottom corner of The Netherland with a night in Eindhoven last night before driving to Aachen today. Stopped for some lunch and to listen to the Norwood game. I’m a bit of a history nut and have always been intrigued by Charlemagne and his reign so a visit to the Aachener Dom was a must. Will stay here tonight and then a bit of back tracking is required as I’m going to the German F1 on Sunday at Hockenheim which is only about an hour and a bit from Frankfurt. Basically we have done a clockwise loop east from Frankfurt. On Monday we will make our way back up the Rhine.


Red and black seem to be the most common colours for flamenco gear, and Seville is the birthplace of flamenco.

I bought my sisters red and black flamenco aprons.

Plaza de España is something else…and been used in heaps of movies.


is lukaku as big as a i think he is?

get ready for a dan driver of the day, starting 20th finishing 5th, bank on it.


Has anyone been to the Great Barrier Reef recently?

My girlfriend and I want to go there for scuba diving in September/October as it is apparently the best time to go there.

Any tips appreciated!


Any tips for things to do in Boston? Headed their for Harvard in October and January (dreading the latter, due to the weather).


Freedom Trail is a good walk.

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Boston Common and the Cheers pub (Bull’n’Finch IIRC). But Cheers is a long time ago now.

And don’t forget that when you get to Harvard, they’ll laugh at you for stuffing up between “their” and “there”.


Find Denny Crane!


Sorry, answered question about snorkelling, not scuba diving.


You could try to check out a baseball game (October which would be play offs) at Fenway or do a tour if that interests you. Otherwise catch the patriots (nfl) or bruins (nhl) play.


If you’ve got kids, want a cheapish holiday, don’t mind cheesey and minnimal refits in decor from the 80s, can I recommend to you the paradise resort on the Gold Coast.
Only if you’ve got a sense of humour.


Anyone here been to Morroco? If so what were your thoughts?

I left Morroco a few days ago. It was an experience for me, certainly was not the romantic view I had. Rabat was bleak and depressing (hotel was nice, thank goodness). Casablanca was similar to Rabat, didn’t see Bogie or Bergman😉, but they did have a Rick’s Cafe (set up by an American woman in the 90’s. Only got a pic as was not open).

Went to Marrakech from there, liked it more than the other 2 places, apart from the oppressive heat, was more of what I expected Morroco to be.

10th century Medina, snake charmers, men with monkies, hawkers, and so many people, lots of noise and I don’t know how some of them make money selling their wares, as after a while the wares seem to blend in with each other. I did manage to buy a little silver teapot though🙂.

Went to Fes after that, what a city, new and old and ancient. The Medina in Fes is 9th century, what an experience that was. 9000 little streets full of vendors, would never have ventured in without a guide, so easy to get lost and never be seen again. As you walk the narrow streets (just like you see in the movies) if a donkey carrying wares is coming through they call out balak, balak, so you can make way for them.

Saw some beautiful mosques while travelling and had mint tea, homemade cookies and cake in clay hut owned by a Berber woman. The difference between the have and have not’s is immense.

All the places where full of stray cats, do not know what breed they are, very skinny, some diseased, but no one seemed to concerned about them, did ask about them, apparently something to do re religion.

While it was an experience would not go back.

(Currently in Madrid, feel more at home here, sangria, tapas and paella🙂)


Skipping stones in the Daintree.


Surely you’ll have to pretend to be Cameron in front of the dots painting?


Never been, but sounds like my kinda place.