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Well, Marbella is on the south coast, Barcelona is way up on the north-east coast. That’s a long way.


Just left Giza where we stayed in a hotel overlooking the Pyramids. Incredible atmosphere. Sometimes waking up 3am and looking outside…just to make sure the pyramids were still there.
Currently in Cairo about to go the the Museum. In 2 days time we go to Hurghada for a 3 week stay in luxury. Whilst there will go and see the Valley of the Kings. Been a dream trip wanting to see the pyramids all my life.


I would love to visit Egypt, but have assumed it’s out of bounds due to security risks.
What’s the vibe on the ground?


I am here with my wife and it is absolutely fine. You get hassled a lot by street people asking for money and damn difficult sightseeing at the pyramid. Just as an example the security guard took us in to one of the tombs and allowed us to take photos which is prohibited but afterwards wanted money. This happens all the time. I left the pyramids site with empty pockets. But next time I will pay for a reputable tour guide which would hopefully minimize the hassle. In any case it was worth it. Just carry 5 dollar bits with you and hand them out as needed and you should be fine. The hotel we stayed at was called The Pyramid Inn Hotel Giza. Not top class but great service. If you ever go I’ll put you on to a couple of souvenir shops nearby that we found to be the most authentic and relatively honest. we purchased 2 x busts one of Limestone and other of Basalt for 100 dollars USA. Every where else was double or triple the price and lesser quality.


Many other tourists or has everyone been scared off?


I was told years ago that the smog is truly horrible, and difficult to breathe.


Lots of tourists Gnik. Its really not that bad. I have been living in Abu Dhabi for 7 years with my wife and feel safer in Abu Dhabi than Melbourne. It is an amazing place. Very respectful and clear with the laws. You follow the laws and you are as free as a bird. I had some reservations about traveling to Egypt but asked a lot of Egyptians living in Abu Dhabi about coming here. Everyone was assuring me it was safe. Of course you don’t want to stray too far from your tourist destinations only because you may not know the culture and areas so well. But come as a tourist with known respected tour companies and you’ll be more than ok.


Smog is as bad as anywhere that doesn’t have strict laws on the state of their cars. The hot weather doesn’t help. But if you are here for a short time you put up with it all and enjoy the ride as it is a great experience.


I’ve also stayed in that hotel - have a pic taken from virtually the exact same location!!
Also you get a fantastic night view of the pyramids from there.


Yep, but we had already paid another toll prior which was €11. LADRI.


I know, right? Aceman’s basically doing my whole itinerary when I backpacked in 2006. Most of my favourite cities and towns in the world.


I’ve done most of them on a couple occasions when I was younger and a couple of them with my wife a few years back but some of them it was the first time we had both visited together


We arrived in Paris late this afternoon (I can’t believe I’m in Paris :slightly_smiling_face:).

Staying in the Opera district at Hotel Regina. It’s a very cute hotel, it’s main colour scheme is red black and grey, it’s very French with touches of modern. Going to tour Versailles Saturday, which I am looking forward to.

Think may do the Louvre tomorrow as it’s raining and think showers forecast for tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m in Paris. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, my wife hasn’t seen much of Europe, so I hope to revisit many when the kids get older.

Love the pics and updates, thanks for sharing.


Salzburg currently after arriving yesterday. 2 nights at the Mercure Salzburg City. Not a bad hotel at all, rooms very comfy and had a meal there last night due to late arrival and it was top notch. Parking like most European hotels is a PITA as most slug you an extra €10-30 per night. Hotel was about a 10 minute walk to Centrum and the river with the old town lying on the other side of the river. Have driven through or past a couple of times but this is my first stop in the City and must say it’s a cracking little City. Having not ever seen the Sound of Music I had no idea of the history behind it but my wife took great delight in filling me in on the various locations the movie was filmed in. Nice little compact place and easy to see most of the sights in a day.
On to Munich tomorrow with timing permitted a couple of diversions along the way


Don’t know if they still do it in Salzburg, but don’t challenge any of the outdoor chess-players (on those supersize boards painted on the concrete) to a game - they are bandits!
I did in one of the squares there (my travelling buddy and I had played a heap of chess over the space of a couple of months’ travelling and so fancied ourselves…) and got positively smashed to bits. Very little else as humbling as having your ■■■■ comprehensively handed to you in a public forum with people oohing & aaahing and chortling in a language you don’t speak…


Anyone been to Kyoto and can recommend a place for a family to stay in the old town? Looking for one of those guest house or traditional styles places to stay.


Just booked flights to Europe for next June. A month if travelling around Italy, France and Malta. Fark you canberra winter.


Up early to beat the hoardes of tourists for our visit to Kehlsteinhaus or more commonly “The Eagles Nest”. Only a short drive from Salzburg and had some beautiful scenery on the way to Obersalzberg. Picked up our tickets at the and was lucky enough to only have to wait about 15 minutes for the next bus up. Had a quick long around and took in the views and was quite eerie walking down the long tunnel and seeing some of the relics inside the building. The gaudy fireplace given to Hitler by Mussolini was as tacky as you will see. We didn’t stay long as the crowds of Japanese tourists started flooding in.
image image image image image image image
After leaving the Eagles nest we continued towards Munich and as the game against the Saints had started I had the wife drive whilst I watched the game on the IPad. We made pretty good time to Munich so decided another trip to Dachau was on the cards.
Some new exhibits since last time but still a pretty sobering afternoon.


Munich was just an overnight stop over as we had both been there several times and we just needed somewhere to crash the night.
Mercure Munich City Center was our hotel and the added bonus was a barber shop across the road. One of my peculiar traits is I love a good barber shave and don’t go more than a fortnight at home without one. Had been nearly 2 weeks since the last so was more than happy. Went for a walk into town and went to the Hofbrauhaus for dinner which is our favourite and always on the to do list in Munich. Finished dinner in just enough time to find a bar and watch the EPL.