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I’ve booked entire month-long holidays using AirBnB. In the main it’s great (as long as you keep your wits about you, and are savvy enough to spot the signs of a scam).
The only issue I had with it is that the owners appear to be able to cancel at short notice, with very little apparent fallout at their end. It leaves an “owner cancelled” note in their feedback, but doesn’t give any indication of the how’s and why’s.
We had owners cancel on us in Singapore and in Helsinki, with little in the way of explanation and less than a month’s notice. Mercifully, we were able to find other accommodation but (had we been travelling for a festival or occasion) we may not have been so lucky.
That’s something to bear in mind when using it…


In terms of Tokyo & as a central base with everything, yes.


A friend we stayed with in 2002 (nr. Kamakura - she now teaches in Bali) recommends Shibuya / Harajuku. How does Shinjuku rate in comparison?


I lived just south of Shibuya and, personally, would recommend Shibuya as a hub over Shinjuku (but not by much). They both have tons of bars, restaurants, shopping, together with being excellent transport hubs. The reason Shubuya gets the nod (for mine) is that it is surrounded by some really excellent suburbs (Ebisu, Daikanyama, Nakameguro, Yoyogi, Harajuku, Omotesando, etc) - my favourite areas in Tokyo. Central Shubuya itself is a bit younger, a bit J-poppy, so also depends on whether that is your thing.

That said, Shinjuku also has some great suburbs nearby for exploring - Nakano, Koenji, Yoyogi (also) etc - together with being home to the awesome Shinjuku gyoen and Kabukicho.

The two are only 10 mins apart on the train so not a big deal either way. But definitely recommend staying in the west of Tokyo over central/east.


Your daughter would prolly prefer both of those locations (as they are hip/youth fashion hubs), but Shinjuku (only 2-3 train stops away on the Yamanote Line) offers a better base to catch the Shinkansen & more diverse dining options. Stay in Shinjuku, visit Shibuya/Harajuku would be the better option, IMO.

p.s. I live in the Kamakura hills & am in the process of opening up a Japanese style accommodation option. Send me a PM (if interested).


Beware it’s a nudist colony


EFA :grin:


I need to cancel my booking… ummm… something… yeah.


After leaving St Moritz we headed to Lucerne which involved 2 changes of train. 1 at Landquart and the other at Zurich. There were several trains we could have chosen but I chose the one with the best connections to allow us time to get between platforms with our luggage. The Swiss rail app is awesome and shows live info and up to date platform changes aswell as the best connections. We love Lucerne and it was great to be back there. This time we stayed in the old part of the town at a small boutique hotel that we came across whilst searching online. The adult only hotel was the kicker as we do get annoyed by kids very easily after awhile. Was a nice little hotel but was warm both days we were there and the poor ceiling fans didn’t quite cut it. Besides that the room was quite and cosy and had decent facilities and 2 restaurants attached so couldn’t ask for much more. The first night there we are at a little restaurant just near the Chaple Bridge and went for a bit of a wander.


Am currently in Dublin and it’s 14 degrees. I had a look to see what the weather in Bendigo will be , it’s going to be 15 degrees.

So it’s warmer in Bendigo and it’s winter than Dublin and it’s summer :blush:

Heading to Galway tomorrow (will be investing in a jacket, cooler there). Have enjoyed Dublin, did the Museum of Irish History, the Guinness place and some local sight seeing.

Picking up a hire car tomorrow and going to Galway for a few days with some sightseeing on the way.

(wanted to go up north to a few places were GOT is filmed for Winterfell, Walder Frey’s place etc, but not enough time to do that also).


Our second day in Lucerne we decided to head up to Mt Pilatus. On our last visit in 2006 we stayed at a hotel on top of the mountain and even though it was June the place was covered in snow and the train up was cancelled because of it. This time around the mountain was clear of snow and we took the cogwheel train up and had lunch at the restaurant before coming down via the two gondolas.
Cogwheel train


View from Mt Pilatus.
Was a bit cloudy up the took but it cleared on and off. Mt Pilatus has several trails that appear to lead nowhere and Locals have said that there is a military installation inside the mountain. There certainly is plenty of military looking radars etc up there so who knows


In Boston at the moment. What a great city. Loving my time here.

Spent a few days in Chicago before coming here. Enjoyed that as well. A bonus was the air show was on over the weekend.


From Mt Pilatus back down you can go back via the cogwheel or take two gondolas. The first gondola is a bigger one that takes on the biggest climb/descent and then you change into the individual gondolas for the remainder of the journey which takes about 15-20 minutes.

Was a fairly big day so we had an early dinner and my wife returned to the hotel while I went to the soccer. I’d found out during the day that Lucerne we’re playing Olympiakos in the Europa league qualification round and picked up a ticket for a decent price. Olympiakos led 4-0 from the first leg so it was a fairly subdued crowd. Lucerne went 3-0 down in this leg aswell but managed to score 1 late which atleast got the locals excited.


Next on our list was a little town called Wengen high up in the Jungfrau region. It involved taking a couple of trains to Lauterbrunnen and then a slow cogwheel train up to Wengen which is a car free village. The scenery through the whole area was stunning and our Hotel Caprice room had stunning views over the valley.


Room with a view


Really enjoying your posts & pics Aceman. Looking to do something similar in the next couple of years so will revisit here when planning. Did you do all the bookings yourself or thru a travel agent?


Enjoying reading your posts! Have recently returned from UK & Ireland. Cliffs of Moher worth a visit and/or Sky Rd Clifden - stunning views. Both are not too far from Galway. Gorgeous countryside everywhere.


I saw the Cliffs of Moher in full sunshine back in 1989. None of my Irish mates had!

I was on a Europe tour in 1989 as well. When we got to Lucerne, our PITFA Kiwi announced that Queenstown was nicer. Having started in London, we were all heartily sick and tired of him by then and told him to shut the ■■■■ up about NZ.

All the 36 Seppos on the tour were nicer than him and his PITFA wife.


Thanks @loyalandproud, yep Cliffs of Moher is on our list, will check out Sky Rd Clifden.