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I do everything myself. I have a really good family friend who is a TA and she has given me all her logins and access to airline data and specials. We tend to be impulse vacationers and if we see a price too good to refuse we usually grab them on the spot. We are Platinum Accor members and they have some cracking 30% rates at times or 2 for 1 deals so they are our choice in the Cities. For homestays, B&B’s or small towns I’ll log into our friends Expedia site for good rates. Lastly we organise internal transport such as rental cars, smaller flights, trains etc


Thank you. Great you have inside info! Am also with Accor but only silver… obviously need to do some more holidaying!! Hope the rest of your time is just wonderful- thanks for the great info & pics.


Read your post on game day thread- glad you’re having such a great time! Dingle peninsula worth a trip if you have the time. Dingle is a cute village and the drive out to the peninsula is beautiful. At the very end you can park & walk out to the tip-(also a Star Wars filming location!) enjoy!


Dingle Peninsula is also where Ryan’s Daughter was filmed.


So, what’s the easiest less expensive option for having access to cash OS?

In the past I just use an old ATM and cop the bank/conversion fees.

Will be in Japan where I’m told cash is still pretty important outside the major hotels.


Get yoself an ING account


All the ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan accept Aussie Bank ATM cards (Cirrus/Maestro). Use your CC at hotels, restaurants, etc that accept them (which most do these days) & when you need cash, pop into a 7-Eleven & withdraw it. Easy, peasy, Japanesey. NB: Cheaper to do it this way than convert cash at a bank/airport prior to arriving.


Pretty much that, in my opinion.

At least in Japan you can take out large amounts and not have to worry about petty theft (which is non-existent).

Only issue in Japan is that very few banks accept foreign cards. Need to keep an eye out for Japan post ATMs (which are conveniently in 7-11s).


28 Degrees credit card.
And for cash Citibank Plus debit card.

Both have no annual fee, no currency conversion fees, no transaction fees and convert at the day’s rate.

Tried & true best options.


Did the Ring of Kerry today. We didn’t leave til about 11.30am as it was raining and we couldn’t makeup our minds if we should to go or not.

Eventually the rain eased off and we decided to go. The weather stayed overcast and drizzly. We decided to add in the Skellig Ring Route as well. It was miserable, really low clouds and drizzle. At one point we had to go up a big hill into the clouds for a few kms, which was a bit scary, but worth it when we got to Ballinskelligs, had some late lunch, checked out the beach in our jackets😀 then back onto the Ring of Kerry. Was amused that even though it was 14 degrees and overcast there were some kids swimming at the beach🙂.

We did not do the Cliffs of Moher yesterday as there was a grid lock at the car park and cars banked up 2kms each way. We decided to keep going onto to Killarney.

Hopefully if we get to Ireland again we can go then and also to Dingle. Heading back to Dublin tomorrow, then flying to New York the following day.

@Alan_Noonan_10, love that movie Ryan’s Daughter.


Arrived in New York 2 and a bit days ago. Rocked up to our hotel, yellow tape across half the entrance, saying crime scene. They had to put us up at another hotel as they were in lock down all day.

Other hotel was only 2 doors down, so that was good. They gave us a complimentary breakfast also.

Have been to The Hard Rock Cafe, first time I have been to one. Times Square (so many lights, had a laugh as a note at our hotel says, use energy wisely, yeah right :smile:).

Did the hop on hop off bus today, got off at Central Park West, for John Lennon Memorial and a walk through some of Central Park. Got back on the bus and just went round the city, which was really nice. Then took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

Doing Brooklyn, Little Italy, Soho etc tomorrow. Heading to Las Vegas the following day for 4 days. Then home :slightly_smiling_face:.


The Circle Line boat trip around Manhattan. Leaves from the west side, maybe w20 st


Second day in Wengen and the fog had drifted in. It was our last full day and we wanted to go up the Schilthorn. We ended up going via Gondola to Murren and 2 more Gondolas to finally reach the top of Schilthorn. The Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed at the cafe on top and it’s a remarkably stunning place where on a fine day you can see for miles. Unfortunately today was not our day and the clouds just wouldnt clear. Had lunch at the cafe and a bit of a look around.


Woke up the next morning and wouldn’t you believe it the sky was clear but unfortunately we had a train to catch. One last view from our room and breakfast

Had to catch 4 trains to Geneva airport but the scenery was fantastic and a thoroughly relaxing way to finish our time in Switzerland. Was actually sad to be leaving


Geneva airport hasn’t changed in 20 years, still a dump and on arrival it was utter chaos as a few flights to the ME were soon to depart and the lineups snaked their way out of the terminal. Thankfully the Business class benefits kicked in and we were whisked through to the counter and soon found ourselves in the Swiss airlines lounge. Not a bad lounge but like most in Europe not a great F&B collection but saved by the Movenpick ice creams on offer. Now most will know that Business class on inter Europe flights is fairly average and makes our domestic BC look top shelf. Basically depending on how many business seats they sell they just set a movable divider up and the normal seats are used with the center seat free for more room. Can’t rave about the Swiss Airlines service enough. Was only a bit over an hour flight to London but the meal was fantastic and the hostess continually ensured our glasses were topped up. Very smooth flight to the old dart.


Quick transfer at Heathrow with enough time for a few drinks in the British Airways bar before boarding our flight to Aberdeen. Another short flight but the difference between the service on Swiss and BA was staggering. Picked up the car at Aberdeen airport and drove about an hour up the road to a small town called Forres. Chose the location as it was close to the Spey river area where plenty of whisky distilleries are.


Good to see Swiss Air have improved their customer service. I flew with them from Frankfurt to Zurich and I had a vego meal request. They gave me a roll with some kind of meat in it. I explained that I had a ‘special meal’ request of vego, the flight attendant grabbed my meal, removed the piece of meat and then gave it back to me. She said in English- it’s now vegetarian but in German she complained about me. Shame I speak German, I then answered in German. Funny, I got my meal replaced and a complimentary vino.


The following day we went for a drive through the area and visited The Glenlivet distillery. Was a pretty educational tour but as the driver I wasn’t allowed to taste but they you to pour some into tiny bottles to take away. Stunning scenery in the area and for memory I think there is about 30 distilleries in a 30km radius.


Like most I guess it comes down to the crew.
The FA we had was sensational and bent over backwards for us. The BA staff were all surly middle aged women who huffed and puffed at any request


Totally agree with the BA crew, they shouldn’t be flying with their attitude.