Travel Thread


Asia Miles. I know JAL is a member but I don’t think it covers domestic.


So no Qantas FF?


No. I’m a Cathay flyer.


Always veg in India, plus Travelan for extra insurance.


Cathay is a member of the Oneworld Alliance as is Qantas, JAL and several others so if you have any status with Cathay the benefits are reciprocated amongst fellow members and points can be earnt. For me being a Qantas Platinum I’d get heaps of perks like lounge access, extra baggage limits, priority boarding etc so would always choose JAL.
ANA belongs to Star Alliance and I don’t have status with them so would not receive any of the perks.


Anyone have any experience doing a long, van based road trip in Oz?

I need to ■■■■ off for a while. I have 2 months annual leave accrued and considering a leisurely, no frills crawl up the East coast for at least part of that.


Don’t be one of those drivers who don’t pull over at overtaking lanes :rofl:


Ha! In to the bin with those farkers.


I skipped it when i had the chance in 1978, but i daresay the contents are no more horrifying than what goes in a lot of fast foods…and there’s a reason sausages are called mystery bags.


I eat sausages, hot dogs, meat pies, mettwurst, Black pudding etc so I don’t really have a fear of what’s in Haggis. As long as it doesn’t involve any seafood I’m fine


Arrived Vegas 3 days ago, it’s very over the top and the first day here, thought, I want to go home.

It’s grown on me however and now see it as a place to come to for an escape.

Flight for home at 6am tomorrow, looking forward to coming home.


Wifey and I were in Vegas last year and I loved it, would go back in a heartbeat. And this is from someone who never, ever wanted to go there.


Just arrived Johannesburg to kick off a three week trip to RSA.


vegas is the sort of place id like to go to just so that i can satisfy myself that places like vegas actually do exist


Early stages of planning for a holiday next year. Looking at Hungary and Croatia and a dip of the toe into Montenegro over 4-5 weeks around June. Got a workmate giving me tips (he’s from Budapest) but I’d be keen to hear any ideas/pointers from any Blitzers who’ve been.


Be careful; I lived there for six months and it is a place where you need to be aware and alert.


So Tokyo is probably the most intense place I’ve been. Just so many people. Was able to duck out for a quiet beer and some bbq, in a little place called Pis.s Alley. It’s a few dozen ramshackle bars/bbq places where you’d be lucky to sit more than a dozen people in each.

Haven’t seen much graffiti in Tokyo, but this was my favourite.

Grilled fish on the go

About 2 min after this the place was full.



I was in Montenegro a couple of years ago and it is stunning and I wouldn’t hesitate to return. I encourage anyone going to Croatia and especially to Dubrovnik to make sure that they make the time to get to Montenegro and stay in Kotor. Amazing accom with immediate views of the water available on airbnb. A beautiful place and June will be great for swimming.
Also used airbnb to get a place in Dubrovnik and loved being in the old city and again would return tomorrow. Also liked Split which gets a rough run and Trogir is small but again stunning.
If you can find a day or two then definitely get to Mostar in Bosnia. Great people and food and a city that is a mix of old world beauty and the ravages of war. Incredible and sad recent history and the amazing bridge. We hired a car and drove from Slovenia, through Zagreb, down the coast, staying in a couple of places and then Split and then into Bosnia to Mostar, Sarajevo and down to Kotor. Then on to Dubrovnik. Would recommend the lot, unbelievably awesome.
I was in Hungary 20 years ago and loved and wanted to return but ran out of time so I’m sure that you will love that as as well. Great part of Europe, enjoy.


Thanks for that, much appreciated.


Welcome to my hood. :grin: