Travel Thread


Excellent advice on both counts.

Pocket WiFi is the way to go.


We went to Disney Tokyo a few years ago. Best advice we got was pre purchase tickets, get there early to get in near the front of the queue. Then grab a fast pass for a ride near the front of the park, then head straight for the back of the park. Managed to get on 3 rides in a row at the back with little lining up, while everyone was racing to get on the rides at the front.
Still had some long lines for the rest of the day but mixing them up with fast passes and single lines meant it worked out well. But crowds were huge and hearing winnie the pooh speaking Japanese was bizarre.


At the airport:




The half-price model is a bit shonky.


Have a great time @Deckham :slightly_smiling_face:


Booooo. Paid full price for mine.
Also airport, before Port Douglas.


There isn’t that much water in the whole Wimmera.


Emirates Melbourne lounge >>>>> Qantas International lounge.

Windows with a view for a start.
Better food.
Better seating.


As did my wife (at Tulla) found it a very difficult read.


Too many crime novels these days have the same basic premise. Yeah…I know it’s horrible, but not every book…


Qantas International lounge is quite possibly one of the worst lounges going around.
The Qantas first lounge is absolutely amazing though as is the Emirates lounge.


Upgraded to business class (equivalent)…on a 13hr flight… life is good.


Fantastic stuff. Hopefully a nice comfy bed to get some shut eye


I think it’s a pretty amazing book cover, if I can say that without people getting all stupid and weird.


If anyone is ever in Paris I can’t recommend the Pullman highly enough. We had 3 nights there on the way home and the service was top notch and at a pretty decent rate too.
Oh and the view from our balcony wasn’t too shabby either


Well, you should have went to the Q First Lounge. That has a view, good food etc. :sunglasses:


Now in Qingdao, famous as the beer capital of China.

Better go try some now!


Tsingtao is awesome.
Make sure you try a takeaway beer bag whilst there


Need an alchemist who can turn gold into platinum.


Thanks for the tip! I will check it out. The bottled Tsingtao comes at less than A$2/l which seems hard to beat. They are now advertising “1903” which I hadn’t noticed previously. In a country with thousands of years of history, it is interesting they brag about something as recent as that.