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Dinner tonight at the Schloss Wackerbarth.


Tell you what.

The prices are pretty incredible. Don’t like the stuff myself, so stocked up on gifts for people.

I’d read that it’s hard to find much aged stuff as the Chinese go crazy for it.


The Chinese go crazy for it…?

Consider this.

Kweichou Maotai is now about A$800 for a 500ml bottle. (At least in this hotel; I have not been able to get any in Australian airports duty free for several years now - the last time I did it was over $600).

The company has said a big FU to their fans, saying they sell out everything they make every year, so they are going to put their prices up by 10% pa hail or shine.

I can see their argument. Every important business banquet involves KCMT. There are A LOT of business banquets in China every day.

After tonight’s banquet with a baijiu probably only half that price, I can see why KCMT puts their price up.

The most expensive bottle of KCMT ever sold was about A$300,000 for one made in the '50s

But this may be an opportunity for an Australian company to make a great baijiu to sell into China… What we lack in culture, we can make up in quality (cf recent gin makers in AUS).

What do BB entrepreneurs think about this opportunity? Calling @Aceman @Bacchusfox @micinbeijing196


That stuff is rocket fuel.

It would be more ethical to make ice.


No, you may have not had KCMT - you may have had lesser brands.

I reckon most Australians can handle toasting all night with KCMT without bad effects.

But I could not take the lesser brands.

That is the opportunity.


You mean the stuff that is $399 a bottle at Dan Murphy?


There are different grades of it. Oils ain’t oils, mate.


A local big shot at that trip we met at brought a bottle from his own personal collection to a dinner on the last night. Chatter at the table is that it was very expensive. Over a $1000.

It was a good drop. Easy to drink. But the Chinese are crazy.


The hotel I am staying at has some rare bottles for sale, oldest is from 1972. Only ~A$20,000!

That would have been a good investment to make back in the day when it would have cost about $2.


We are the only two in the Melbourne Etihad lounge currently. The poor girl behind the bar is that bored she is making us some funky cocktails ad lib


Blitzers are loaded!


Long day but finally arrived in Bangkok about an hour ago. Flight out of Melbourne was delayed by just over an hour last night but a very smooth flight and got nearly 6 hours of sleep on Virgin’s very good flat bed. Had just over 5 hours to kill at Hong Kong airport but thankfully had the two Cathay First lounges to visit so had a great shower, massage and a very good meal. Had a stack of FF points so decided to book Hong Kong to Bangkok first class with Cathay and it was under $200 return for two pax. Was stoked to see availability in first class even though it’s only a 2 and a bit hour flight. Just a pity the reward flights from Australia are so hard to get


Staying at the Lebua which is our normal go to hotel in Bangkok. A bit smoggy today but the view from our balcony on the 55th floor is still pretty cool.


And what trade news have they heard there?


It’s not frigging Dubbo.


German beer gardens - superb. Big or small they make them inviting. Tree, tables and a great attitude by the locals. If the weather is “danke” then it’s as good as it gets. And there is a wonderful family atmosphere with people there to socialise and enjoy.


Hey @mcdav since you were not impressed with the burger, how about this schnitzel?

and yes it’s soy based. It was very tasty, so happy I could get a schnitzel fix.


The schnitzel to salad ratio is way out.


Do agree. Another schnitzel would have been appreciated.


Fricken alfalfa? WTF. Don’t think I’ve seen that on a dish since 1985.

The beer looks mint though.