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Phuket has been a blast as usual but we have been coming here every year for nearly 20 years and the Russian invasion is getting worse by the year.


The new first lounge is LA is very nice as well. And if you walk over to the business lounge, the often have taco and hot dog carts set up too.

Just arrived in Orlando. 11pm and 25 degrees - very nice!


I was there about 30 years ago so it was post revolution and during the time when they were at war with Iraq.

It was part of an overland tour…Kathmandu to London so we came in from Pakistan and left into Turkey.

Wonderful people…the majority that I met genuinely liked tourists visiting their country.

Spent several days in Isfahan…a truly beautiful city with wonderful buildings and a traditional bazaar. Tehran was just like any other big city (we didn’t spend a lot of time there). Shiraz was quite nice and is quite close to Persepolis which is worth a visit.


Theme parks, pools, booze and knowing we’ve landed Shiel. Does life get much better?!


When travelling I usually pick up a prepaid local SIM with a couple of GB of data, This allows me to use my phone as a hot spot and make the occasional call if needed. But I see people recommend getting pocket wifi when in Japan - how is this better?

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Sorry, I’m not knowledgeable on this stuff. I’ll let the others answer, as I’m interested to know for future recommending.


It’s cheaper if you have multiple people/devices together?

For me for five days on my own in 2016 the sim (in this case, pre-purchased and delivered before leaving) was a much better option.


Do you recall which Telco you got the SIM from?


My accommodation had pocket wifi included, it was very convenient.


It was something closely resembling this:

Not carrying around an extra electronic device is easier. Setup was simple.


K, thanks for that


Pretty sure mine won’t. Are there advantages in pocket wifi over prepaid sim?


You don’t need to swap out your SIM card and fiddle around with your settings re network etc. Just connect to the wifi as usual.


OK, thanks. I can see it would be convenient.
Never had to change settings swapping SIMs in NZ or South Africa though. Maybe Japan is different?


I haven’t swapped the sim before, so can’t say which was ‘better’, but as others have stated, the pocket wifi is good because.

  • multiple devices can be linked
  • some hotels and bnb had them free. Some of the devices were very similar to an iPhone which you could make free calls in the hotel and surf the web on, so not just a ‘box’.
  • Seemed to be more reliable in buildings and out and about than my phone.




In Japan I just used the wifis but in Bali recently there was a bit of mucking around with settings.
P.S. DJ thread needs more live 3 song sets. You’d get a go tomorrow for sure.


Arrived at the Angsana Lang Co resort yesterday after a couple of days in HCMC. The scenery on the drive up from Da Nang airport to the resort was quite stunning and it really is a great part of the world. 3 nights here before a couple of days in Hanoi and then back to Hong Kong via Bangkok. I will really be sick of Bangkok airport be then as that will be our third transit through it and it isn’t one of my favourites to start with.


My mates visit us with their families, so multiple phones. As stated by others, renting a single pocket wifi from the airport is the best way to go (if your wife & daughter have phones).


I’ve used this mob twice and will be using it a third time next month!

I’ve had it delivered to the hotel i’m staying at.

The only downside to pocket wifi is if you want to split up cause only one of you will have data!