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Thanks Soulnet - I’ll look into it.

So pocket wifi is preferred to local SIM because no re-config of phone settings + multiple device connectivity - yeah?


My partner and I prefer it cause we then only need one device. If we both got sim cards we’d double the price. We also let the important people know if they want to get us they can sms and we’ll call back using for example whatsapp.

If you need to make overseas calls or people need to call you then a sim wins out cause the costs of using your local sim are crazy expensive.


Qantas First Class lounge in SYD is pretty good and probably 50 times bigger than their crowded MEL 1C lounge. Q always lavishes more on SYD than anywhere else.


Pocket WiFi from the airport is the first thing I recommend to friends travelling to Japan. It’s worth it! I’ll be in Japan next week for a 16 day work stint. Tokyo, Kanazawa region, Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto then Nagoya…


Leaving HK to head home in a few hours. The new Hong Kong Airlines lounge is pretty good with a decent spread of food and some great cocktails. Kronenbourg on tap is a bonus aswell. These last couple of weeks have flown and after having spent 12 weeks OS this year already I need to get back to work to replenish the bank account. Only a few small OS holidays planned between now and March at this stage but hopefully we can squeeze another longer break for mid year


Booked a couple of Insight tours for next October…13 days in Southern Italy and Sicily, then 6 daysin Malta.

We always travel on OneWorld Alliance, so have had a few on Emirates recently. Travel agent suggested that a lot of clients are talking favourably about Qatar Airways. Can anyone make an informed comparison?

Usually work off Qantas sales, so it depends on whether they’re to and from a specific destination e.g.Zurich or Rome, or just to and from Western Europe.

Two years ago, went into Barcelona and out of London…last year into Frankfurt and out of Warsaw.

There are flights from Valetta to Sydney, but via Dubai AND Singapore.


Moving directly from left-hand drive/auto to right-hand drive manual after only 2 hours sleep really sucks…


Don’t forget to look the right way when approaching a roundabout.
Or is that the left way?


K. So I’m wondering about which (if any) JR Pass to get.
Itinerary as follows:

Arrive Narita.
5 nights Shinjuku, mostly in Tokyo environs, maybe a day trip to Hakone.
6 nights Kyoto with a few day trips, e.g. to Nara, Himeji, Fushimi Inari, Arashiyama. Maybe Hiroshima at a stretch.
To Kii Tanabe for 8 day Kumano Kodo hike ending Kii Katsura.
2 nights Osaka.
Depart Itami.

From using the calculator below, seems I get reasonable savings from a 7 day JR Pass starting the day I leave Tokyo for Kyoto and ending the day I arrive in Kii Tanabe. This shows a saving of approx 6500 JPY. Does this seem reasonably accurate?

Otherwise, looks like 14 & 21 day passes are of marginal or no benefit.

So I’m thinking of getting a 7 day pass for that middle period of intensive travel & a Suica card for the time in Tokyo & Osaka. Seem sound?

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At the risk of being mocked I can only compare business class across different airlines for long haul. For me both Emirates and Qatar are pretty even and in these criteria I would choose:
Seats: Qatar
Food: Emirates
TV/Entertainment: Emirates
Staff: Qatar just edges Emirates
We normally choose on price and what cities they serve. I find Emirates 777 is a shocker so will always look to fly on their A380 so be warned they have cut back their Melbourne A380 flights. Qatar has a good mix of aircraft and their A350 and A380’s are both great.
Dubai is a better airport than Doha but both have stunning first class lounges. Doha itself is a dump of a place to stop over, Dubai kills it. Have a look at Cathay Pacific aswell, they are brilliant in all areas and sometimes up to $2k cheaper in business and $300-400 in economy. After a long holiday in Europe we find the stop over in Asia is better for our bodies aswell but everyone is different.
When booking try to avoid leaving from the UK as their departure taxes are far higher than elsewhere. As a rule we try to fly in to Germany/Italy and the same on departure


Yes that’s very similar to what we did.


Have flown to Europe probably 3 times with Qatar in cattle class. Little if any difference between them and Emirates imo.
You’ll love Sicily and Malta


Are Cathay One World?. My mate is in Sydney so we fly in and out of Sydney.

Last year flew Emirates…Warsaw to Dubai was Boeing, Dubai to Sydney A380…maybe have been 777, wasn’t 747. No comparison, asyou said, and both in Business.

2016 in Dubai…such a long way between terminals, but last year, same terminal. Lounge was pretty good. I’ll mention the Doha lounge to the agent.

Just hoping Insight don’t bugger it up again and give us doubles, rather than twins. We were very clear we did not want doubles. Bugger it up turned out right.

I’ve been pretty happy with Emirates so might stick to them.


Don’t mind short flights in economy…but wouldn’t want more than 2 hours. Right knee gets too painful.

Also would consider flying into Switzerland and training it to Rome, maybe via Cinque Terre.


Emirates only fly the A380 and 777 to Australia. The 777 seats are not fully lie down and are uncomfortable. Adelaide only gets the 777 so we fly to Melbourne or Sydney to get the A380. Emirates also provide a free chauffeur for business class at departure and arrival. Emirates are not in One world but are a Qantas partner hence the points and credits. Just make sure it’s booked with a QF number not EK if you want full points and credits. Cathay are One World and are good. I’ve seen Cathay advertising business to Europe for about $5k, Qatar about $6k and Emirates about $8k at the moment I think. All connect into Rome


Sorry…I said it had to be allied to Qantas to someone and they said OneWorld. We do everything through Qantas, so get the QF and the limos. Non-conditional.

Therefore ignore Qatar.


Qatar is one world also.
One world consists of:
American Airlines
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Sri Lankan Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Royal Jordanian
Japan Airlines
In addition to that Qantas has special partnerships with Emirates.
All of those airlines get Qantas points and allow Qantas lounge access, priority boarding, seating etc. Emirates/Qantas is the only one currently running the chauffeur service


Just got our boarding call. Virgin have quite possibly the best business class product going around. Guaranteed a good 4-6 sleep on the way home tonight


And we are delayed. Sitting on the tarmac and still able to get internet. Back in Melbourne at 8am tomorrow.


Flown QATAR many times to Europe. Same quality as Emirates, major plus is great connections so in my bed in Zurich hours before if flew with anyone else. Lounge in Doha quite good but as stopover is usually only about one hour it is not that relevant.

QATAR were always cheaper than QANTAS/Emirates and while chauffeur pickup is good, we now use a local guy in Melbourne and arrange the same where necessary. Still works out cheaper.

Aceman is correct about those 777 seats; flat they are not !