Travel Thread


You need codecs for the mp4 files most likely.

Basic should be all you need.


Blyde River Canyon & braai at Potluck Boskombuis nr Graskop


Kruger NP. A yawn, a stretch, a sniff & its on. He winked at me!


Yes, it will be Emirates aircraft with Emirates staff. Qantas don’t fly via Dubai anymore.
The quality of flight and service will be far better




The cycle of life - sex & violence galore…


Table Mountain & our terrace house in De Waterkant Cape Town (turned out to be the gay nightclub zone).



You should’ve eaten it back. They’re tasty.


In the scale of things Atm fees are a tiny tiny part of your holiday expense. So I wouldn’t worry too much.

That being said, despite terrible customer service. I think Citibank is great. Decent atm network, bugger all fees. But again. IMO It won’t be worth the hassle. Don’t waste your precious holiday time looking for a fee free atm.

Always get currency at the destination.

I’d only ever get a small amount of USD or EURO here. which will get you out of a pickle everywhere.

Take a Visa and a mastercard.


Land-based whale watching in Hermanus -


Klein Karoo & horse safari at Plettengerg Bay (no predators!).


Those are some ripper shots @Gnik. Makes my travel bug come roaring back…
EDIT: BTW, what lens are you using?


Ta BG.

I bought a used micro-four-thirds Panasonic G85 leading up to this trip. The animal shots are taken with a 100-300mm lens (200-600 full frame equivalent), but this was a bit too long at the short end for KNP - a 100-400 equiv might have been better. For landscapes & city I had a 14-140 (28-280 equiv) and 12-35 constant f2.8.

The horse-back shots are with an Olympus Tough TG3.


Wonderful pics, Gnik. I so much want to go back to Kruger, an extraordinary place.


And so accessible & easy.

We did a guided trip on an open safari vehicle in the NP itself, staying at the SANParks sites in self-contained bungalows. I hoped this would strike a balance between -

  1. The fully guided experience at the unnecessarily expensive private concessions around the park (as marketed by Australian travel agents).
  2. The self-drive experience staying within the NP (as done by South Africans - esp during school holidays).

And it was fantastic. Our guide had a seemingly supernatural ability to spot animals & predict behaviors that led to some amazing sightings including this where he spotted some Impala acting nervously & pulled over in the expectation we might see a big cat. Within a minute a Leopard stepped out of the bushes, circled our vehicle & lay on the verge purring & cleaning itself. We would have driven right by on a self-drive.

I’m definitely heading back that way.
Maybe the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda / Uganda?


For those who have travelled recently is alcohol worth buying when you return home or the prices at say a Dan Murphy better?


Sometimes, in countries with low alcohol taxes, the retail prices were often cheaper - and had a wider range- than the DF at airports here. That used to be the case with Switzerland. Could pack it with my consigned baggage and not have to queue up back here.


Japan is INSANELY cheap for most brands of spirits, even at local shops or 7/11.

We usually get whatever you’ll be hard pushed to find in Oz, like decent tequila if you’re in Mexico/US etc.)

Other than that, I always felt Dans has become pretty competitive with anything that’s mass produced and it’s less hassle.


It really depends on what type of grog you are referring to.

Spirits, especially Japanese whisky, can be bought at a song here - compared with back home. Saying that, the gap has been closing over the past decade - with the explosion of global interest in Japanese whisky. Still, significant savings to be had.

Standard bourbon is prolly 1/3 of the cost in Japan as in OZ.

If you enjoy nihonshu (sake), you will find it cheaper here as well. Same goes with umeshu (plum wine).


pricey, but was an amazing experience: