Travel Thread


From my boat on HaLong bay


That’s a very big boat.


Is the poop deck what I think it is?


Only when reading training reports and finding out there is an injury.

As for me, finished with Izu peninsula and currently in Nagoya.

Weather has been absolutely awesome since arriving a week ago.


Only about 30 cabins, a piano bar, restaurant, spa and sun deck.


Is it, in fact - yours?


In the same way it is my seat at the G, only for a fleeting moment.


Not at duty free. it’s a rip off nearly every where I have been lately.

so if its before the airport remember you have to check in in your luggage.(liquid restrictions for carry on)

personally I dont bother. I pay the excess here and instead spend more of my overseas vacation enjoying myself.


Buy your quota when you arrive back in Oz. 20% cheaper than Dan Murphys for Wild Turkey 1 litre as an example


View from balcony this morning in Hue. Raining but nice and warm


Now in Hoi An, on the way from Hue caught up with @Alan_Noonan_10 for a game of checkers


What’s there to do in warrnambool apart from learning how to spell it @Alan_Noonan_10 ? Want to visit a dairy farmer in timboon so might stay in warrnambool overnight


Buggered if I know…I hardly ever go in there at night.

Pickled Pig in Liebig St is supposed to be a good feed.


Hit up green bamboo for a great cooking class in Hoi An.

It’s become a bit aussified over the years but still a gem of a place.


Do you have kids?

  • Flagstaff hill is like sovereign hill but maritime.
  • tower hill is a volcano/lake between Warrnambool and Port fairy. Has lots of wildlife/Emus, a few walks etc.
  • the foreshore is ok for a walk/coffee
  • lake Pertobe has a huge playground(kids)
  • day trip to Port Fairy.


  • Kermonds hamburgers, think old school like Andrews.
  • a proper country pub for a counter meal. No idea which one is good.

Golf - both Warrnambool and Port Fairy get rated in Australia’s best public courses. Port Fairy is very good, links style in the sand dunes but anyone can access.


Is the cheese factory still open at Allansford?
They did a ripping Vintage Cheddar and some other specialty cheeses. If we were going the Great Ocean road route to/from Melbourne we always carried some foam esky’s in the boot to fill up with their products. Has been probably 4-5 years though since our last visit


Yep…still there…friend of mine swears by some maple-infused cheddar they do.


Well worth doing


Just love Hoi An.

They have a carving of Hurls on display, and so much red and black everywhere.


Turns out Queen is the perfect band to listen to while on the Shinkansen. Who knew?

Off to Miyajima island now.

I dunno what I’m doing wrong in Osaka but the city just doesn’t click with me like Tokyo does.