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Miyajima is great - packed with tourists though. What’s the tide doing (i.e. will the gate be in or out of the water)?

Have to admit I found that with Osaka too. I put a lot of it down to our choice of accommodation (in a not-so-great area), but a lot of the go-to areas seemed to me almost vaudevillean in their approach. Tacky almost. The Dotomburi area manages to (just) stay on the right side of the line. The area around Tsūtenkaku not so much…


Low tide but spending a couple of nights there so should see it all tide wise.

We were in a high class area in Osaka but I still can’t put my finger in what it is about the place. It’s a bit like Sydney and Melbourne. You tend to like a or b.

People are nice just not sure on the city.



Did you eat some oysters on the walk to the shrine? If you like oysters, I highly recommend Miyajima oysters. They are famous. And there is usually a small joint selling craft beers as well. Enjoy! Great pic. :+1:t2:


We have two nights here and I plan to eat nothing but oysters!


Very envious, man.

And a good idea to stay on the island. There is a cool hike up a mountain that will give you superb views of the Seto Inland Sea.

Beware the deer. They will eat those oysters if you aren’t fast enough. :wink:


When I was there recently I saw a girl posing with a feisty young buck who decided enough was enough and bit her firmly on the bum. I chortled far more loudly than I should have…


BTW, if you’re following the path towards the Momiji Bridge over the river (you’ll know it when you get to it… packed with people…), rather than going over the bridge follow the little path upstream along the river edge. You only have to go a couple of hundred metres along the path (between the houses and the river) and you’ll find yourself in nice peaceful surrounds with a tiny little waterfall of sorts. It’s quite at odds with the sea of people everywhere else, and was a lovely little spot for a picnic lunch.


Not hanging out with Jez-san. :rofl:



Osaka’s a place to live not really to get jiving with on a visit. It’s a shopper’s paradise and has great food, but you don’t need to come except for as a hub in exploring Kansai.


It certainly does! Even the most suburban, unlikely looking places whip up a culinary storm. Had some fantastic, memorable meals there.

The missus even went as far as declaring an inexpensive chicken dish in some anonymous place as the best chicken she’d tasted. That’s high praise indeed since she is absolutely fastidious about her chicken…

The sooner Osaka bans smoking in restaurants the better though…


Yeah, I think that’s still Japan wide, the smoking. The government tried to introduce a law before the Olympics, but the all-powerful tobacco industry said fark you, that’s not gonna happen and they pulled back. It ■■■■■ me no end.


I’m posting on twitter cause it’s easier than shrinking photos that blitz will accept.



Great shots! I’ve never been at night.


That shot is insanely good. What camera are ya rocking? Needs to be blown up & framed. Epic, dude.


Panasonic FZ1000



I’ve seen that shot a thousand or more times, but I honestly reckon that is one of the best shots I have ever seen. You nailed it. Perfect light. Incredible. Competition winning shot.



Fck. I can’t stop looking at it. Ridiculously good.


I’m posting in between refills at the buffet dinner. Five different types of oysters being served.

I’ve done the onsen before dinner and the free sake is making me quite happy.