Travel Thread


Should post this one from Osaka too.


Ha. Brilliant. Superlative food & Japanese ‘omotenashi’ hospitality on full display.

BTW, I will PM you shortly, as I wanna get that pic file & will blow it up to poster size & frame it. It is awesome.


Pm me when I get home and I’ll send you the raw file.

Another month away.


Shutter speed?


Sweet Caroline.

And, again, I offer you & your crew ‘free’ accommodation at my pad in the Kamakura hills. Train line nearby to both Haneda & Narita airports.


40 seconds with a ND8 filter. F8, 125 iso.

I think…

I need a pc to sort through them all!


I’ll come by for a day trip!



I didn’t know Fletcher liked oysters. :wink:


Currently at 11143 metres above Australia doing about 1045 Kph , home soon, I was getting a bit run down after three weeks in Asia, Mrs Fox is still looking OK,


Did you say hello to Gumby?


Too tired, I am a bit run down, Mrs Fox is helping me rehydrate.


Take it you got home safely and in time?
Was going through our schedules at work last night and it was expected that atleast a dozen international flights into Sydney were diverted due to weather and stacks of cancellations for domestic flights from Sydney and Melbourne


Actually a bit early, and it took less than 20 minutes to get off plane, buy our quota of Turkey, through Immigration, get bags and then Customs. Some sort of record for us.

Actually when we flew SilkAir from Da Nang to Singapore on Monday, our flight left 30 minutes early !!!

We got to Singapore at 3 pm, scheduled for 4 pm, it was a weird experience.


On holiday in Hua Hin Thailand. Went sight seeing to a temple and got bit by a snake a few hours ago. Not sure what snake, they’ve nailed it down to two.
One venomous, one not. Currently being monitored in icu to decide if l need any anti venom. Feeling ok at the moment, but bored. Be safe on your travels people, things happen unexpectedly.


S h i t! Stay well…


Trust the snake isn’t venomous, Winderland. As an ophidiophobic, you are much braver than me. I’d have passed out. Take care.


How’s the snake? Is he ok?


■■■■) thing to happen to you on your holiday.

All the best @Winderland.


They’ve just given me some anti-venom, although l’m still feeling fine. I did almost pass out, but that was when about 10 people surrounded me all asking me questions. Couldn’t see for about 6 seconds but then felt fine once in the ambulance. So l assum ed rhat was a panic attack. Was freaky though.
The snake was last seen slithering down a drain so he’s fine.