Travel Thread


Good luck - hope you’ve got travel insurance. The fact you are able to get on Blitz has to be a good sign. Have you tried talking parseltongue? :slight_smile:


FFS. That’s hectic. Happy to read that you are fine. Was it a viper? Once again, rest up. Crazy story for the grandkids.

And nice HP mention there, @JBOMBER


Won’t somebody think of the snakelets?!


Yes l have travel insurance.


I’m in Tasmania for the first time. How good is it!

In Hobart for a few days then travelling up the east coast to Launceston to fly back to Melbourne. Heading off to Port Arthur today.


Hope you’re feeling much better & can enjoy the rest of your holiday.


Hobart is a beautiful little city, and you will enjoy Port Arthur, it’s a pretty special place.

And if you go up the east coast, and go through St Helens, make sure you go to The Shop in the Bush.


Have been given the all clear to be discharged, once my insurance company approves. Might need someone to call herald sun to do story on insurance refusing to pay. Geez if your not covered being bitten by a snake in a crowded tourist attraction these policies are scams.


Herald Sun would just run with “Essendon supporter injected with unknown substance in unregistered facility in Thailand”


Whilst Privately ssssssseething


Hi Caro!


All good, they paid. Off to bangkok now with a dissapointed 14 yr old that had to spend his last afternoon in Hua Hin in a hospital waiting room rather than the entertaining hotel pool.


Glad to hear al is good.

Back to advice…

@JohnRain and other Tokyoites: please suggest best non-touristy things for a first time visitor. My daughter will be in Tokyo over Christmas-New Year. She works in the hotel industry and will have done her own research but it would be nice to offer her some local knowledge from resident Blitzers.


Happy to offer any local travel tips, however, I have no idea what your daughter is interested (and uninterested) in, AT. A few additional clues would be most helpful.

A female mate of mine (who visited last year) really enjoyed donning a kimono, having her photo taken at a studio and also wearing the kimono around the streets for a few hours. It’s too hot/humid in summer to enjoy the experience, but winter is just perfect.

Funky shopping - spend a day wandering around the streets of Harajuku & Shibuya.

Is she a foodie? Can recommend a few joints. Lemme know. Same goes with music. I’m a horrible singer and avoid karaoke boxes as much as I can. Saying that, if a group of mates visit, I always take them out (one evening) for some drinks and karaoke. Just so much fun. Need the drinks to lose the inhibitions, though.

If she is into temples, Kamakura’s Zen Buddhist temples (near my home) are worth checking out. A few of them offer ‘zazen’ (seated meditation). Alternatively, she may be interested in a quaint tea ceremony or just sipping a cup of matcha looking over a bamboo forest.

I could go on, but best lemme know a bit about her preferences. Feel free to PM as well.

Your daughter will have an amazing time. And Tokyo is ridiculously safe.

p.s. And there are plenty of unique festivals to choose from. Attending a Japanese festival at any time of the year is also a fun experience.


Great - thanks very much!

I will pass this on and she may PM you. (She first posted as a Blitzer in 2003 or so).


Webjet are advertising a 25 day middle east tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel for 7G a head and then some.

We’ve never been on an organised tour as such but this part of the world seems to demand oversight, at least for a couple in their respective 7th decades.
Sounds good on paper and ticks off plenty of bucket list items. Has anyone been on something similar? Sounds like you have to travel with fellow skips, which I’m not keen on, but to be honest our recent solo tours taxed us a bit, especially China where my better half got sick.
Reckon we’ve got 2 or 3 OS trips left in us and it’s sort of now or never.


I’ve got a big customer/distributor in Singapore so I’m taking the family over for a week next year. Its one of the few major Asian cities I haven’t spent much time in (only the airport) so I’d love to get some tips from Blitzers on your favourite eating places & in particular a suggestion for a great high end dining experience to entertain my contact.

I’d also love to get some ideas for the kids - Universal is already top of their list but not really sure what else there is. Any advise would be great.




2 or 3 trips?
Do it now.
Never is not an option.


I’m not a fan of organised trips personally but can see how it works for some people.
I’m keen to head back to that neck of the woods but my wife has zero interest in it unfortunately