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Cheers. I beeped and waved
In Shepparton now. A few hours to go until touching down at my folks place north of Ballarat.


Why would you beep… he’d never hear it :joy:


hahahaha…I did that too once, travelling through there…just to amuse myself :slight_smile:


Very good point


Didn’t want to hang around in Shep too long. Always had me on edge that place for some reason


Delhi to Kathmandu + Sri Lanka this coming Feb/March - tips/suggestions welcomed, I’ve never been to the subcontinent.

As mentioned elsewhere, I will fly back via Sydney for the GWS season-launcher.

(I haven’t been to Dubbo for yeeeeears. Sad.)


Planning to do any trekking in Nepal?


How long do you intend to stay in Sri Lanka? It is a great place - its better out of Colombo though.


What have you got against meth heads?


Can’t help you with Nepal or India. Have only done a couple of days sightseeing in India as part of stopovers and never been to Nepal. Sri Lanka is pretty cool outside of Colombo. The beaches aren’t as nice as you would find elsewhere in Asia and the infrastructure hasn’t fully kicked in yet. The great part is that the tourist boom hasn’t fully exploded yet so you won’t be as crowded and prices are still good.
I’d love to hear how Nepal is as it’s been a bucket list item for a long time but the wife isn’t too keen on it and has no desire to ever return to India


Curse you Aussie dollar! Go up ya ■■■■■■■!


Two weeks with Intrepid:


My info is a decade old but where do I start. India is visually incredible and ■■■■■■ irritating at the same time. A friend mine who has been literally everywhere swore New Delphi was hands down the A hole of the world and I have no reason to disagree. He’s 6’6" and still had to argue with the airport taxi driver and threaten to leave the cab without paying before he was taken to his well known hotel rather than the one paying the driver kickbacks. We were on our guard but locals were trying to scam us from the get go. Old Delhi on the other hand is wonderful, with the unmissable Red Fort Complex and the nearby street markets. Rajasthan and Varanasi were great but it’s pushy everywhere. We hired a driver for Rajasthan which was good except he got peed off when we went to places we’d Sussed out rather than his kickback staples. We spent about 10 days in Nepal and should have spent more. Trekked round Kathmandu Valley and went to the preternaturally beautiful Pokhara. In the top 3 countries I’ve visited. Go veggie for the whole tour, the food is magnificent if you avoid meat!


I’ll do some minor trekking within the Kathmandu Valley but apart from a few days at Chitwan National Park the Nepal bit is fairly limited.


Chitwan is great.


OK. Looks like you don’t need much advice then if it’s all organised. Looks like you will miss the highlands though, which is a pity.

What about India? The Taj Mahal is of course the most famous sight in India - get there at dawn if you can. If you are on a tour that may be difficult. Otherwise in India get a private driver, it’s worth it. PM if you would like a recommendation for a driver in either India or SL.

Edit: I just read GRR’s post and agree that going veg is worthwhile. You have two options: “veg” or “non-veg” and the variety of veg dishes is incredible, and each region/city has its own styles.


Any tour run by Intrepid (and probably every tour operator for that matter) will be aiming for dawn.
We did China and also Cambodia with Intrepid and they were always aiming for opening and/or dawn when it came to the touristy spots.
Even in darkness somewhere like Angkor Wat was busy as Bourke St and I’d imagine Taj Mahal will be much the same.


2 more points

  • We did a Kathmandu Valley trek with a mob called Wayfarer, who were great but probably don’t exist anymore- 2 nights and 3 days and cheap as chips if you book it there. Socially and visually impressive and believe it or not I shouted our 2 guides their first ever Everest beers and they struggled to make it out of the bar even though they climb mountains for a living, they were both teenagers.
  • If you fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara, and you should if you can, watch out when the Japanese tourists get up first to commandeer the flight seats on the Everest viewing side, no pre seat booking with Yeti Airlines. Do it in daylight if you can, unbloodybelievable flight visually.
    Nepal is a diamond, and not pushy at all. Top of my return list.


Taj Mahal is an elegant eyeful but did I read recently it’s under restoration? No other reason to go to Agra.


If you’re talking this mob, it seems they are still around…

Well, their website is anyway…