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The other thing, is that trains in Italy are good but can be confusing as few Railway staff seem to speak English. There are fast train between big cities, but I prefer the local trains that travel the same route, cost much less and stop all stations, some of which are great to see. Taxis in Rome as very hard to get.


Get to Sicily if you can


In the process of arranging a 17 day trip to Iran next November atm.

Mrs Gwilty will need to wear a head scarf, and that will be about the extent of the hassle for her.

Check out the Iran episode of Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road.


First off I hope you have a great trip and I’m sure you will. And now to the nitty gritty, if someone told me to wear a head scarf covering all my hair except a bit of fringe, everywhere except the hotel room, I reckon I’d be a bit cheesed off. Not just mosques, I’m told, but anytime you leave the hotel room, even to go down the the lobby.
Just told my better half about your post and I’ll leave out the profanities and the “second class” citizen references but she “asked”
A: Can she swim in the hotel pool in her one piece swimming costume?
B: Can she go anywhere without me? She pointed out it wasn’t so much she wanted to dump me just that she wanted the option.
My reading of the clothing rules is a bit more restrictive than yours, basically women can show forearms but little else and clothing must disguise the body shape and go down to the ankles, and that’s tourist women too which isn’t the case in places like Dubai where we’ve been. Maybe the rules have been relaxed a bit, I don’t know.
When I pointed out she never wore toenail polish anyway she told me to “■■■■ Off”, she’d paint them them just because she coudn’t.
When I told her about the the Joanna Lumley comment she bristled and pointed out where I could shove my celebrity exceptions.
PS She did wear a scarf in Dehli. Why? Because, she told me she got sick of the local men perving on her on and invading her personal space at every possible occasion. That was 10 years ago and she was in her fifties and India’s not Iran but…
PPS Have to be honest, I’d go if I was single, but not if I was female.
PPPS My understanding is that Iran was fairly liberal socially, at least in relation to women’s rights in the middle east, if not politically and economically, until the 70s and then the iron curtain fell. But I’m no expert and expect to be corrected.


Mrs GRR sounds a feisty women, and good on her.

From my travel observations, India is the last place in the world I would go as a solo female traveller. It must be the sex offence capital of the world.

What really frightens me from the Dress Code link you posted were the outfits worn by the 3 men - truely hideous!.


The dress code in Iran is not onerous and applies to men and women. I have seen many glamorous women in Tehran dressed very modern and fashionable.

October/November us the best time to visit, mid 20’s, little rain, but cool nights. I am sure you and Mrs G will enjoy the different culture and interesting places.


If i want to get gastro, get hammered, chuck and ■■■■ my brains out I can do that at home.


Doing EBC in march, but have a spare day either side of trek. Just trying to figure out what to do and where to go on those days…thinking of doing an organised day tour around kathmandu to get as much info/history of the area


Yep definitely. And the other day visit Bhaktapur - we just caught a Taxi & wandered around.


Our son has just informed us he will be spending Christmas with his GF’s parents in Cairns this year and as this will be the first Christmas without him we have bit the bullet and are heading OS. 4 weeks holidays approved and finish work on the 20th of December. Now to find a destination and start planning. At this stage leaning towards pushing the Oman and UAE trip back to then and tacking on a couple of weeks elsewhere.


New Zealand is ■■■■■■■ beautiful, it is just obscene how incredible it is.

The cruise however is not my thing and 13 days was a killer. Groundhog Day. I get why they are popular but everything is just a bit wrong.

2 weeks of same people, same food, same shops, same jokes, same same same same same same


I’ve always wondered about the ‘sameness’ of a cruise. Probably not my choice too. Love NZ, I have spent heaps of time there and always see something new and stunning.


am heading back there again later this year :slight_smile:


Am heading to the South Island in March. :blush:


Never been on a cruise and feel the same way but I do admit to regularly ogling the ad for the jazz cruise. If you’re into jazz the lineup is crazy good every year, I mean our own jazz king, James Morrison, only cracks it for a place in the big band.
Hmm, only 10 cabins left and Chucho Valdes is aboard year…but imagine ending up at the same table as a pack of septuagenarian reactionaries for a week…Naaa.
PS There’s a heavy metal cruise too…no doubt with lots of Republican headbangers- the worst kind.


Lazer bar Sanur… grog squad is here


Haha awesome, wish I was there.





Had a friend call around today who was on business in Tokyo before Christmas and got drugged and lost over $10,000 on his credit card. Said he went out late to an Irish Pub, met a guy who took him to another bar, and that is about all he remembers.

He went to local Police who didn’t want to know about it. I thought Japan was safe? If this type of thing common ?


A more pertinent question might be…was it you @JohnRain? :wink: