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I don’t drink tea or coffee but @bugman5 doesn’t bother with coffee in Asia, just goes for tea. He tried one of those vending machine coffees and he’s pretty sure it gave him a migraine (he does get food related ones though)


Hmmm. Thanks folks. Not sounding too promising.



Kyoto (near Fushimi Inari station & Melbourne inspired):

Both those joints serve excellent coffee.

Kumano Kodo:

The minshuku or other accommodation you have sorted along the trail should have coffee (prolly not all that good, though). I’d take some drip coffee bags (which are ubiquitous here & taste pretty decent). Only need to add boiling water.


Skip the coffee and get into the milk tea.


Thanks JR


Coffee was a big passion of ours when we lived in Tokyo. There is some genuinely great coffee in Tokyo. Here is a list of some of the best:

The staff in these cafes are often very interested to hear that you are from Melbourne as lot of the baristas have been/are going to Melbourne to learn about coffee - so always worth having a chat!


Great - thanks j-w - I’ll keep this list handy…

Edit - Blue Bottle is 6 mins walk from our hotel so will probably be tested on arrival (we are on the overnight JAL flight).


Personally, Doutor or Excelsior were the two places who did close to local cappuccinos.


No worries. Blue Bottle is the biggest and busiest of that lot (so probably my least favourite) which is unsurprising given it is in Shinjuku but the coffee is good.

I’ll also be there next month (on the overnight JAL flight) for a bit of skiing, drinking and eating. Can’t wait.


Hey JR I have a week in Tokyo and Osaka after Easter and was looking for a good venue to watch the footy near Shinjuku and Shinsaibashi respectively. Thanks


Tough question, SB. I am a Beyond the Boundary International member, so I watch every game at home.

In terms of Tokyo & the last I checked, the Legends Sports Bar/Hobgoblin in Roppongi screen AFL games (you will need to check this, though, as I’m not 100%). Roppongi is 5-6 km from Shinjuku. Be careful if you hit up this area alone (read above) at night.

If you have a phone/iPad & net connection, you should be able to buy the game online via the AFL site. This may be the better option.

No idea re: Osaka. @mrjez may be able to help you.


In Osaka, it’s always been Coolabah, a small Aussie bar. It looks like it’s still running: . But like JR, I’ve been a home watcher for years so can’t verify. Murphy’s Irish Pub would be the other possibility, both in that Shinsaibashi vicinity.


How does this happen? You’d think a gun would be easy enough to spot.

Passenger takes gun on flight from United States to Japan after airport security bungle

37 minutes ago


Airport security screens passengers.|700x467 Photo: The passenger managed to pass through airport security with a firearm undetected (AP: John Bazemore)

An unsuspecting traveller who forgot a gun was in their carry-on luggage was able to take the firearm on an international flight due to an airport security bungle, the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has confirmed.

Key points:

  • The error occurred because standard procedures were not followed, TSA says
  • Authorities were only alerted to the bungle after the passenger arrived in Japan
  • The Transport Security Administration has rejected suggestions staff shortages were to blame

The passenger boarded a Delta flight from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to the Tokyo Narita International Airport in Japan on January 3 when the error occurred, according to CNN.

“TSA has determined standard procedures were not followed and a passenger did in fact pass through a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm,” it said in a statement to the media outlet.

The passenger had forgotten the firearm was in their carry-on luggage, the administration said, and alerted authorities upon their arrival in Japan, which maintains strict gun laws.

It is not known what happened to the gun or if the passenger faced any consequences.

The error comes amid a national shutdown that has seen more than 50,000 airport security screeners required to work despite the agency’s inability to provide regular pay.

However, authorities have been quick to dismiss suggestions staff shortages were to blame for the security lapse.

“The perception that this might have occurred as a result of the partial government shutdown would be false,” the statement said.

It said the national unscheduled absence rate of TSA staff on January 3 was 4.8 per cent compared to 6.3 per cent on the same day last year.

The Transport Safety Administration has moved to assure travellers flying is still safe despite the shutdown.

“Security standards have NOT and will NOT be compromised,” assistant administrator for public affairs Michael Bilello wrote on Twitter.

“TSA has and will continue to maintain security standards at our nation’s airports.”


Thanks MJ & JR.

Was hoping to avoid Roppongi as I won’t get to much time away from the family. I am in Shinjuku for Anzac Day do hoping to find a pub with some expats and a crowd.

Murphy’s is perfect though as my hotel is 200m away.


I know Murphy’s usually show the Grand Final, but you might wanna go down there beforehand and check if they show any weekend games, cos it’s probably competing with other sports.


The Goannas have moved from Hobgoblin to a small craft beer place called Brew La La in Shimbashi (which is also a great suburb to see the largest collection of paraletic salarymen in the city). I believe they show all major evening games on a projector but you may want to call ahead to see if they are open during the day on ANZAC day given it will be the middle of a day on Thursday.

If that fails then Hobgoblin may still be showing the footy but it’s doubtful if the Goannas are no longer paying for their international subscription.


“Unsuspecting” “forgot”. Incompetent TSA staff. Even more compromised by Trump’s shutdown.

Would this happen in any other country?

Spare me feeling sympathy for this “unsuspecting” NRA traveller taking guns to a country that @JohnRain and others rightfully say is one of the safest in the world.


Asked a mate who lives in Tokyo for you. His response was pretty much as others have indicated above (i.e. check the FB page of the Tokyo Goannas, or DM them and they can give you advice/info).


Looking for some tips from the experts (Blitz Travel Agency). I am a complete

I’m excited to say we (family of 5) are heading to Europe for the first time this year. Brother is getting married in Germany which should be a blast. Want to add a few stops as well as I have family in England and my wife’s family are from Italy. At the moment, wanting the whole trip to be around 3 weeks, say a week in England, week in Germany, week in Italy.
The hitch is, the wedding date is not set as its not easy for an Aussie to get married over there. Booking a Town Hall, reception etc isn’t easy in Germany (from what he says) due to demand during the warmer months.
So we won’t be able to book anything now or that much in advance as we have no dates, not sure when we’ll get them.
How do we manage flights? My brother and his fiancé say just book a ticket over there and worry about other travel (flights) when we are there as its cheaper. Or, can you buy an around the world ticket now select some destinations and worry about confirming dates later? Would this even be cheaper? Is this even possible?


Flights between certain cities (based on who flys where) can indeed be dirt-cheap in Europe. And if needed you can complete the trip with regular walk-on inter-city trains.