Travel Thread


Ha. It’s forecast as 40 in Melbourne on your first day…


And what an absolutely phenomenal bloke he is.
Just totally top notch.


albert thurgood is in swan hill?


Have they finished the bridge? Was still being worked on when I was there in early October.

(my mother in law lives in Koondrook, she said the heat there was stifling last week.)


Yeah…just finished, but now they have to remove the temporary workings.

It was 40 plus when we were there.


You’re getting soft in your old age Noons.


At what age are you too old to stay at a backpackers and cart your stuff around in a one of those back packs they use?


Last time i went backpacking i was 31.


My idiot mate loves staying at the backpackers and getting around in one of them backpacks. He’s 34. Kinda feel it’s time he grew up a bit.


I’m going to Europe in June and intend on taking my backpack. I find it easy to carry. But am upgrading the accommodation.


My sister did with kids (10 and under). I also did it with my parents as a teenager


I’d say you’re never too old to stay in backpackers if you enjoy the experience. For me it was 30, but I travelled with my wife and then with kids from then on, so wanted to fork out for better accom for them.



But I do say that for most questions phrased that way, and don’t give a flying what people think.


Continuing on from the other thread, some pics of Baku, Azerbaijan.


Stayed at the Hilton Hotel which had good views over the city and of course watched the flame towers at night.


The Flame Towers certainly look impressive


Pretty easy City to navigate and whilst not as cheap as some of the other former CIS countries it was still fine. $15-20 will get you a decent entree and mains for 2 people and the Hilton was $170 a night. Bugger all tourists and as such hardly any English so best learn a few phrases and use your hands. Had a day trip outside of Baku and the country side is quite pretty. Definitely want to return and get out into the countryside.


Wow, how did I not know of this place??? Baku, Azerbaijan has now firmly rocketed into the top 10 of places to go to…


Add the Stans too if you want something unreal. Some of the scenery is simply stunning and some great museums and historic buildings/churches in the cities. Dirt cheap and you won’t be jostling with a million other tourists. Some great ski resorts that are cheap and easily accessible if you are into that aswell


How did you get around in this area - car, buses, trains? You’ve really piqued my interest, but any trip I do will undoubtedly end up being a family effort (so will require ease of getting from A to B). In Europe, and places like Japan, Hong Kong, Scandinavia etc. it’s a piece of cake due to public transport being so efficient and far-reaching. How would these areas compare?