Travel Thread


The task of entering the Sri Lankan and Indian e-visas is just a tad different. Sri Lanka, done in five minutes; India, they want to know what you had for breakfast the last seventeen days.

Hilarious that they ask, for example, for all of the countries you’ve visited in the past ten years and then provide you a very limited number of characters to list them.

Luckily the countries I’ve visited in my current passport fitted in — I guess they don’t need to know about the previous six years…


India has always loved a bit of bureaucracy


I travelled to India on business for many years and sometimes two or three times in a year. All I could ever get was a single entry visa that lasted 5 years, which was crazy.

Finally I got a multiple entry visa, that lasted for three months!


That’s the India that I remember :joy:


I’m at the age where I’m looking at top cover travel insurance and it’s doing my head in. We used Insureandgo with the seniors card discount when we went to Laos last year but nothing happened so we’re none the wiser on their service other than a Choice recommendation. So I saw RACV have travel insurance and we’re members. Their top cover to Jordan and Israel at around $260ish for three weeks for 2 60+ers is a bit more than InsureandGo but they appear to provide better cover for some things eg accidental dental, and old blokes like me with big mouths are prone to things like that apparently. And it’s RACV, the same mob who started my dead piece of crap car numerous times. What could go wrong? Well I just googled RACV travel insurance reviews and WOW?!
Now I’ve got no idea. My better half says “whatever” as long as they cover you for a flight home if elderly parents get sick, or worse, which is precisely the negative scenario I saw on one review for a respected insurer.
Anyone out there ever had to claim and have some reliable view on this issue? I’m not interested in the quality of the website or whether they have good prices, I want to know if they are absolute ■■■■■■ about coughing up. Let’s face it, travel insurers are in the fast lane to hell, I just want one towards the back of the queue.
Feel free to name names.


My experiences with travel insurance - all of them, irrespective of company, are tightarses when it comes to coughing up. They will eventually, but there’s a whole lot of chasing you need to do. The bigger the sum, the more chasing is required and the longer the timeframe before you get your money.
I honestly don’t think there’s much between them…
My parents had to cancel a trip a week out, when Mum fell down the back stairs and broke her hip. This was well over 10K worth and it took over 6 months to get it back. The deferrals and delaying and handballing was extraordinary. This was with whoever Hello World use as their default insurer.


I just made enquiries today for 3 weeks in Italy and Malta. Agents said QBE were best at about $180.
That was budget, which gives $15K on cancellation which roughly air fare plus tours.

Paid the early bird balance today but the S Italy and Sicily tour hasn’t been confirmed. Still nearly 9 months away.


We have a policy with RAA (pretty much the SA Equivalent of RACV) and they have coughed up in the past for numerous things. We have the 12 month annual policy of unlimited travel. Cost around $700 and seems to have pretty good coverage. Coupled with booking everything with the Amex or NAB Platinum visa for piece of mind in case of cancellations, delays etc


What did they cough up for and are they the agent for someone else?


Some Tokyo mob are the insurers. Have made 3 claims and all paid ASAP.
We had baggage damaged and they paid up within 10 days. My wife hit a kerb in the rental cars a few years back and they stumped up the $500 rental excess promptly. They also paid for a minor medical incident in Austria on the spot


Clearly better for some than others.


10 years ago I claimed some camera gear (lens & body) that was accidentally damaged in Nepal. TID was the insurer & they paid up promptly & with little hassle as I recall.


I take many of those sites with a grain of salt.
If I have a bad experience I will change the provider, same for most things.


I had an interesting experience in Vietnam with medibank private travel insurance. I got appendicitis and needed surgery, the f#$kers made me wait all day in agony so they could approve it.

I was in the Mekong Delta in Long Xuyen and this is where my wife has lots of friends, including nurses and doctors at a private hospital. So I was happy to have surgery there. They first wanted me to travel 5 hours plus to ho chi minh city to go to a hospital there. Then they wanted to speak to the doctors, who had poor English, so my wife was translating. Then they wanted to get a second opinion. While, all this was happening the doctors are saying we only have a limited time before we can no longer do key hole surgery. They finally approve it, after more than 8 hours.

Best part of the experience was going out for dinner with the surgeon once I was better.


I had a great experience with Chubb.

We got stuck in Bali for 7 days due to volcano (I took out the policy prior to the volcano starting to erupt, so we were covered).

Chubb paid for everything, accommodation at the Padma (we had been staying there), all food and even drinks. In total they paid just over $3k after excess.

Best 7 days of my life.


On balance, and with no confidence, I’ll probably stick with InsureandGo based on the weight of their online reviews which aren’t as terrible as most, but I might invest in a mouthguard.


In nearly 20 overseas trips, I’ve never made a claim. Always insured.


Same here for around 15 trips but at my age I’m probably due and like to think it’s not one big con.


Recently got an airfare quote from a Flight Centre and the guy there also gave me a quote for travel insurance (about $450) after telling me that the free travel insurance under my credit card is basically crap. The Flight Centre recommended Covermore as their preferred insurer.

Anyway, later checked with my bank (which bank?) and discovered that the travel insurance under my credit card was provided by guess who - Covermore.


Don’t trust a thing flight centre say. I asked one time if l could get a flight to japan with Thai airways using a 2 week stopover in bangkok. He got back to me saying not possible, I would have to buy separate segments. Didn’t ring true so l contacted thai directly and they said no problem and sold it to me for $1500 cheaper than his price.