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It is amazing. Some tour operators may let you change your flight home for a fee to piggyback in a Yangtze cruise but many won’t allow it.
For the cruise itself we have done both directions and actually preferred going upstream despite it taking an extra day. The 5 stage lock was far more impressive sailing west than East. April, May or September, October are the best months to cruise it.


Where the fark did you find that?


Scoupon, Groupon etc have them all the time and they are often advertised on travel websites. Return flights to China are often under $400 from MEL/SYD and sometimes as low as $220 return!


I think it’s available for another 3 days


Thanks Aceman, yes I was looking at the best dates to do it with May looking the best if I can get it organised. I don’t really want to miss the start of the season in April while September is out for obvious reasons and I think I’ll be back in New Zealand in October, so I hope May can work out.


That is a ridiculous deal. Some of the deals for China are almost too cheap to believe. How do they make money?


China is having a big tourism push and the airlines offer ridiculous fares that the government subsidise.


Well it certainly worked for us. We had no intention of going to China until I saw the deal advertised in the weekend paper, and I can’t even get return airfares for that price.

I’ve looked into doing the Yangtze river cruise separately either before or after the tour without flying back but can’t get it cheaper than is advertised with return airfares, so we may do the first tour then fly back again a couple of weeks later which seems ridiculous but that’s the way it is.

Bu if you’re flexible with dates you can get some amazing deals. I just came back from New Zealand on $154 return tickets and a couple of years ago got $156 return to Bali (which in hindsight I wish I didn’t go on - we landed at about 1/4 time of the Essendon Hawthorn game that Hooker kicked the sealer and my internet dropped out on the way to the hotel.

At 3/4 time I passed a place that advertised AFL games and should have stopped to watch the last quarter but didn’t, then read the whole game day thread on blitz and wished I was at the game.


The Chinese carriers are having a massive push at gaining the Australian market with most offering return fares to China from the East Coast for $400-500. Hainan who are an excellent airline often have specials of $280-400 return. China Eastern currently has a special on Brisbane to London via Shanghai for $748 return with some availability in May/June


Ticket says we’re landing in Amman early Sunday week. Online forecast says top of 14 and low of 7. Might have pack the long johns. Hopefully warmer down south.


The family wants a more relaxed trip next Christmas school hols. Not so much rushing about, but with active options from a base. So the hub-and-spoke model I guess. We would have 2 to 3 weeks. Its a good time to visit South East Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, West coast of Malaysia) and also South Asia (India, Sri Lanka). I am in the middle of planning a loop around Sri Lanka, but this is probably a bit too full on. Southern Thailand makes sense, but I wonder if it is offensively busy given this would be peak season? Any thoughts?


I’ve sworn never to return to Thailand at Christmas time. Absolute chaos. Can’t decide which is worse, the swarm of Australian’s on school holidays or the hive of Russians escaping the Christmas freeze at home. Vietnam would be my choice. Hanoi and HCMC are excellent hubs and Nha Trang and Da Nang are superb around the start of the New Year.


Hmmm. Do the crowds in Thailand die down significantly by 2nd half January?


Drops a little but still can be crazy in February and March. We try to travel to Thailand in April or October


OK. Thanks for the advice. Hate crowds, so hmmm.
Haven’t been to Thailand since '94. Sounds like it has changed a bit.


I spent 16 days in Phuket in December 2011. It was fine. We stayed in Kata (and avoided Patong).


Further south you might be ok. Karon or Kata beach will be less busy. Phuket will be absolute mayhem




I have never visited there. A mate did (for the climbing) & had a great time.


Krabi will be fairly busy but nowhere near as bad as Phuket