Travel Thread


I second Aceman’s recommendation.

We’ve got a 2 yo and we’ve gone to all three over the last year.

Fiji is more expensive and will involve extra travel once you’re there unless you stay at Denarau. Beyond a village visit and water sports/activities there’s not much to do. They are great with kids but babysitting is more expensive and a lot of the kids clubs make you take your kids back over lunch time which breaks up your day.

Bali has a lot more activities, a lot more accommodation options, is cheaper and babysitting is cheap as.

Queensland is closer and more convenient to get to but more expensive.


I have never been to Bali, only Fiji.

We love it there, very safe. You can usually get good deals on flights and accommodation, I don’t find this pricey, but Denarau is priced for westerners when it comes to food. You can get accommodation with food provided which would avoid this.

We stay on the main island and probably haven’t explored it enough, but usually head out on day cruises to islands and different locations which we love. The crews are always great, entertaining and informative.

Apart from that, great place to relax.


Kata Beach, Phuket. Great for families. Cheaper & far superior beaches to Bali. We stayed for 2.5 weeks when my son was a 6-month-old baby & had a brilliant time. Not much further to fly than Bali (extra 2-3 hours).


Agree with that but sounds like they don’t want to go that far. If you are going that distance there are also better beach resorts in Malaysia and the Philippines


My daughter is a bit of a nutcase when she’s tired so we were probably going to limit it to Bali distance. Anything more than that would be torture for everyone else on the flight.

We love Thailand so will get the kids there when they’re a little older.


Dunno what your budget is but in regards to Bali I’d recommend staying away from bogan central and go to Sanur, it’s far more easy going. A hotel like Prama has beach access (no waves due to a reef) and also a kids club that could be a good distraction for the littlies. There’s heaps of good restaurants in that area and it’s also a good base to take day trips by car or even fast boat to nearby islands.


I hear ya.

BTW, have you considered a trip across West? I visited WA two years ago (this month) for the first time in my life. It was the last state/area in OZ that I hadn’t visited. I have travelled a bit, so this isn’t an exaggeration. My wife and I still agree that our time in Margs was the best trip we have ever had. I rented a cool pad on Margaret River (with a good sized swimming pool). We visited heaps of beaches, caves, craft beer breweries (did a private tour), wineries, pubs, restaurants, etc. AirBnB (can pass on the details of the pad - owned by a lovely Brazilian lady). Wasn’t all that expensive and we flew in from Tokyo (via KL). Have been to NSW/ Queensland so many times, but now realise that I have neglected WA to my detriment. My wife still wants me to buy a second home there and I lost her in a few real estate agents in Margs.

p.s. Eagle Bay - must be the best beach in OZ.


You must be psychic Hambo. I was just looking at a place in Sanur. The Fairmont. Price for a 2br with private pool was starting to get up there a bit.

And Rainman, we haven’t been West. It’s also on the very long list of places to see. Pretty keen to hit Ningaloo and the whale sharks. Yeah I know that it’s not near Perth but looks awesome nonetheless. Forward your accom and I’ll check it out if you don’t mind.


Fairmont is in a very good area and it’s a pretty slick place. I stayed at the Palm Garden (an old place but with nice character) up the sidestreet that accesses the Fairmont while it was getting built. I’ve stayed in Sanur a few times as it always hits the right spot, a bit like the mama bear of Bali.


Eagle Bay…where all the pretentious wankers from Peppermint Grove and Dalkeith have their “little weekender”


Jesus. I did mention that it was my first visit to WA. I visited a crapload of beaches and loved all of them. Eagle Bay just happened to stand out as being one of the better ones. On the day I visited, I encountered 3 other people. A family from South America on holidays. They also commented on how beautiful the beach was. Get out of your Northern Perth crib and live a little, Swoods. :grin:


The reason I know about the pretentious wankers is that I’ve stayed there a couple of times in the past…I didn’t knock the beach Mr Sensitive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just some of the owners of the local properties


They must have all been at home near your joint at the time, Swoods, as the place was deserted. And there was only a small carpark and tiny public toilet there. No shops. No development. No town. Nothing like say Byron - which I enjoy - except for the point you mentioned. I think this is what we enjoyed most about Eagle Bay. We encountered less than 10 people all day. Seemed semi-rural for us. The Eagle Bay brewery was a decent joint as well (but perhaps it catered well for my yuppie sensitivities). :blush:


Japan trip with Mrs Azza slowly coming together. Still going to Tokyo with a few days up in Nikko, but rather than head north to Hokkaido we’re gonna head south - all the way down to Okinawa and do some island hopping.

Gonna try and get to the sumo while we’re in Tokyo but I’ve heard tickets can hard to come by, particularly later on when the tournament is getting to the pointy end. Also gonna see if we can get tix for to see the Tigers vs Giants baseball. Sadly we leave just before it starts otherwise I would’ve tried to catch some of the RWC too.


I’ve been to sumo a couple of times. First time was by rocking up in the morning and buying whatever tickets were available (and returning in the afternoon when the big boys come on). This was fine. We were in a four person tatami set up (which are closer to the ring than the seats which are in the outer) that would have been very uncomfortable if like me you are not flexible. Fortunately it was just the two of us.

Second time I didn’t want to need to go in the morning so we bought from these guys - - they charge a premium but certainly makes it easy. These were seated tickets further up in the stadium. More comfortable but did prefer being closer to the ring the first time we went.

Definitely recommend getting to a baseball game. The best experiences we had at the baseball were Swallows games at Meiji Jingu (which is next to the new Olympic Stadium). Very suburban feel and in the middle of the city. Lots of fun. Tokyo Dome for me is a bit of a soulless Marvel Stadium but I’m sure you’d still enjoy it.


Japanese baseball is great fun. Watched the Tigers play the lions in Osaka last time we were in Japan, got drunk on cheap shochu and took a heap of photos with local fans who mistook me for an American big leaguer :smile:

Thanks for the tip re sumo tickets. Might go and Google what a tatami is though.


I scored free tickets to last month’s basho via a client. This is how close I was to the dohyō (ring). The area had four zabuton cushions (designed for four people), but you are fairly crammed in there. Unlimited grog, though, and heaps of food (included in the ticket price). Very good advice by @j_w I always skip the morning comp called Jūryō & only rock up around 3:30 p.m. for the Makuuchi comp. When I arrived last month, the tickets were fully sold out, so it’s best to buy them as early as possible (or online).

Re: baseball. I’m a Baystars fan. Their games have a great vibe. Plus there are plenty of decent restaurants & bars close by. Spend 1/2 day exploring Yokohama & hit up a Baystars game at night.


Hanshin Tigers all the way, JR!


I support any team except for the Giants, Azza. :laughing: Hanshin definitely have the most passionate fans. Saying that, I visited Hiroshima once & thought the locals were right into their baseball & local team, the Carp.


Basic room with a Roman view in Amman